Captain Adamant

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Cap Adamant Profile.jpg
· Science Tanker ·
Street Justice
· Other Affiliations ·
United States Army, US Department of Defense, Longbow, Vanguard, Paragon Police Department
Real Name
Carter Williams
Livingston, Montana
Paragon City, RI
Legal Status
Registered Hero
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Shrapnel and burn scars across right side of body
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Super Strength, Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Speed
· Equipment ·
· Other Abilities ·
Military Training, Martial Arts Training

"Speak softly and carry a big stick..."

No frills - this man’s armor has the look of a tank: tough, practical and weathered. The man beneath is no different.

Captain Adamant, while technically independent, is a longstanding ally of the Vanguard, often aiding the Sword and Shield in their efforts against the Rikti, the Rularuu and more recently the forces of Emperor Cole.

He’s not the strongest. He’s not even the toughest. But he might just be the most dedicated public hero in Vanguard’s employ. He knows the RWZ like the back of his hand, and he’s one of the few Gaussian calls when he needs to put enemies between a rock and a hard place. Combined with his tactical training and leadership skills, Captain Adamant’s durability and strength make him uniquely formidable.

Powers & Abilities

Buff Mega Olive.png Super Strength

Layers of piezoelectric cells within the ATHENA’s underlay amplify force by a factor of almost forty. This allows Adamant to carry over one-thousand kilograms of armor almost without hindrance, and lift a further eleven metric tons overhead.

Buff Defense Olive.png Enhanced Durability

The Advanced Threat Encounter Apparatus, or ATHENA can withstand up to fifty tons of TNT-equivalent force, and temperatures in excess of two-thousand degrees Kelvin. Captain Adamant is effectively immune to worldly weapons, most forms of radiation, and intense impact forces.

Sprint Olive.png Enhanced Movement

The same piezoelectric cells that enable Captain Adamant's strength also allow him to run faster and jump higher than any human. At full sprint, his top speed is just over fifty miles an hour. When leaping straight off the ground with no running start, Cap can jump over three stories; about 40 feet in the air.

Force Bubble Olive.png Hardened Electronics

Because of minimalist computerware with no wireless connectivity, the ATHENA is immune to cyberwarfare of any kind. Its power source is a simple atomic battery, and there are fewer moving parts than other powered armor designs. These low-tech approaches make Captain Adamant robust beyond simply being bulletproof.

Buff Accuracy Olive.png Enhanced Vision

The ATHENA’s visual enhancement settings include infrared night vision, image capture, and video playback. A minimal heads-up-display feeds Carter data on his biometrics, the state of his armor, and environmental readings like temperature or distance.

Buff Endurance Olive.png Made, Not Born

Through the shaping touch of drills and studies, Carter has acquired skills in war strategy, battlefield tactics, wilderness survival, marksmanship, and hand-to-hand combat. Carter has also achieved almost Olympic-level fitness via strenuous exercise and a heavy duty diet, all despite his injuries. Perhaps the hero’s foremost asset is a simple unwillingness to break under pressure. No matter how exhausting, no matter the emotional peril, Carter pursues his objectives without hesitation.

Summon One Olive.png Tank's Best Friend

Captain Adamant sometimes goes into the field with his trusty companion: Ajax, a German Shepherd trained for attack and explosives detection. The dog is utterly loyal to the Captain, and indispensable for his ability to detect danger, guard the Captain's flank and attack his enemies on command. Captain Adamant only uses Ajax in certain situations, and while working the dog is always outfitted with a ballistic vest and a microphone for simple communication. Just like his owner, Ajax takes time to warm up to strangers, and he is not a pet in the usual sense. He and the Captain share a unique bond, and though being a therapy dog isn't part of Ajax's training, it has been suggested that he serves this purpose whether Captain Adamant knows it or not.


Heal Suppression.png Wounded Warrior

The ATHENA restores Carter’s full range of motor control, but his injuries’ other symptoms still manifest on occasion. These include: numbness, tingling, tremors, sporadic pain, headache, and temporary hearing loss in the right ear.

Damage Over Time.png Damage Threshold

Contrary to his soubriquet in the press ("The Unbreakable Man"), Captain Adamant is not truly invincible. The plates of the ATHENA will eventually deform and deteriorate after taking heavy damage. Failing to replace damaged plates can result in weak spots in the armor, a limited range of motion, and a loss of balance due to uneven weight distribution.

Knockdown Transparent.png Heavyweight

Because of his armor’s incredible weight, Captain Adamant must employ caution near deep water, unsound structures, and treacherous terrain. Such areas can immobilize or trap the Unbreakable Man. He must also be diligent in controlling the armor’s momentum; Captain Adamant is dangerous to both enemies and allies while moving at high speed.

Slow Recharge and Movement.png Lightning Rod

When subjected to a powerful enough current, Captain Adamant can become a hazard to those around him, as he becomes a carrier for that dangerous electricity. The armor reacts in a similar fashion to magnetic fields. A strong enough magnet could be used to immobilize or manipulate the Captain’s armor. Sufficient electromagnetic interaction can also damage the armor at the molecular level.

Confuse Transparent.png Psychic/Mystic Vulnerability

Other than his particularly strong will, Captain Adamant has no real defense against the forces of magic or psychic energy.


Captain Adamant is a hard working member of the superhero community, eschewing frivolous pursuits for productive and practical ones. Cap approaches wearing the ATHENA as he would an assignment in the Army: with the utmost dedication. Objectives should be pursued with diligence and care, not whimsy. Donning the armor is no raucous adventure, nor is it some lofty, poetic pursuit. To him, it is as solemn a duty as being a soldier. Cap wishes everyone in the superhero community shared this view. This isn't to say Cap is humorless, but there are many who would find him to be the stereotypical "stick in the mud" military man.

In both his personal and professional life, Carter approaches problems with a level head. He isn’t one to let emotions get in the way of achieving an objective. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” is among Carter’s favorite aphorisms, and Captain Adamant is quick to remind his allies. Whether leading or following, the Unbreakable Man is a constant source of motivation, though some are not receptive to his matter-of-fact approach.

Yet Carter believes there is a time and place for everything and everyone, such that many are shocked when the hero is off-duty. Many find him to be pleasant in social situations - if a bit reserved. He never fully sheds the air of seriousness, however, and Carter isn’t one to open up about himself or his feelings at the drop of the hat.

When not training or on a mission, Carter enjoys westerns (novels or movies), Texas Hold 'Em, boxing, watching football (particularly the Army Black Knights versus the Navy Midshipmen), hunting and fishing. He's a practitioner of Tai Chi, prefers his coffee black and his rye neat, and his favorite US President is Theodore Roosevelt. His love life is sparse, and he's a sporadic entrant in the dating arena, often finding it difficult to fit romance into his already packed schedule.

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