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A longtime roleplayer and borderline addict to City of Heroes. Currently playing Homecoming with these characters in rotation:

  • Captain Adamant, war hero and near-invulnerable bulwark against aggression both foreign and domestic. A port from my Champions Online days.
    • Hero
    • Tanker - Invulnerability & Street Justice
  • Captain Vulcan, part man, part machine, and all hero; stripped of his past and given a future in safeguarding Paragon City.
    • Hero
    • Tanker - Super Strength & Electric Armor
  • Challenger, mutant fighter born and raised in the Row, whose powers grow every time he fights; and he fights a lot.
    • Hero
    • Brute - Street Fighting & Willpower
  • Gravemaster, half-dead guardian of the deceased and punisher of those who transgress the balance between life and death.
    • Vigilante
    • Tanker - Dark Armor & Titan Weapons
  • Irradicator, a brutal and vicious supervillain with a taste for radioactive destruction and power unrestrained.
    • Villain
    • Brute - Radiation Melee & Radiation Armor
  • Kid Ballistic, child mercenary turned teen superhero; weapons expert, charmer and pistolero extraordinaire. Another port from my Champions Online days.
    • Hero
    • Blaster - Dual Pistols & Devices
  • Lion-Heart, British superspy pulled out of time to protect time itself, meanwhile serving a dark master who seeks an even darker monster.
    • Hero
    • Scrapper - Broad Sword & Willpower
  • Vandul, a mutated man-wolf soldier whose honor doesn't dilute his taste for killing Rikti with really big guns, explosives, knives or his bare hands if need be.
    • Hero
    • Sentinel - Beam Rifle & Energy Aura
  • Vespero, a nocturnal winged warrior from another world, stranded on Earth, fighting now for humanity.
    • Hero
    • Stalker - Staff Fighting & Invulnerability
  • Victor Vermin, a sewer-dwelling, rat-eating vampire who has a penchant for information and infiltration. Mind the roaches.
    • Villain
    • Stalker - Savage Melee & Dark Armor
  • Wylder, a man cursed with the spirit of unleashed animal instincts, struggling to protect man and nature both.
    • Hero
    • Scrapper - Savage Melee & Energy Aura