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FBSA is the the Federal Bureau for Super-powered Affairs, a government organization that oversees super-powered individual in the United States.

The FBSA's task of overseeing super-powered affairs gives the organization a broad range of duties. These duties are focused on evaluating and dealing with super-powered threats to national security, whether they be domestic, foreign, or extra-dimensional in nature. Along with monitoring super-powered individuals and groups, they perform large amounts of research & development, to help their allies and hinder their enemies. In Paragon City, they monitor the power levels of all the city's heroes, and publish documents such as the Psionic Threat Report, along with a myriad of other duties. Their agents and advisory publications often help to warn heroes of potential threats to the city.

Although many heroes deal with the FBSA as an informational agency, it has many operatives actively engaged in countering super-powered threats. This includes people ranging from MAGI SpecOps teams to individual agents in the field.


The FBSA serves as an umbrella organization for many smaller divisions:

DATA - Department of Advanced Technology Application
Deals with matters pertaining to Technology issues and heroes of that origin
ELITE - Enhanced Logistics for Insight and Tactical Excellence
Deals with matters pertaining to Natural issues and heroes of that origin
GIFT - Genetic Investigation and Facilitation Team
Deals with matters pertaining to Mutant issues and heroes of that origin
MAGI - Modern Arcane Guild of Investigation
Deals with matters pertaining to Magic issues and heroes of that origin
SERAPH - Scientific Experimentation Research and Application to Paranormal Humans
Deals with matters pertaining to Science issues and heroes of that origin
SAM - Superpowered Activities Monitoring
Responsible for monitoring super-powered activities throughout the nation.

DATA, ELITE, GIFT, MAGI, and SERAPH have offices in the basement of City Hall in Atlas Park. They also had offices in the Freedom Corps Headquarters prior to Galaxy City's destruction.

Current Employees

The following people are known employees of the FBSA:

Hero Liaisons

Hero Liaisons are FBSA employees that are specifically assigned to work directly with heroes. They usually deal with new heroes, guiding them to new missions and helping them manage their new found powers.


FBSA Agents come from many walks of life and types of training. They are the members of the FBSA most often in the field, doing research or investigating super-powered individuals outside the law. While they can and do work independently, many agents utilize the help of heroes to get their job done.

Former Employees

The following people are former employees of the FBSA: