Wasted Youth

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Wasted Youth
Founder: Majin
Alignment(s): Rogue
Motto: None
Leader(s): Majin
Logo: Anarchy
Group Colours: Unknown
Levels: All
Play style: Casual
Roleplay: Moderate
Timezone(s): Any
Recruiting: Yes
Contact: Group leader
No additional information available.

Life is tough for kids in the Rogue Islands. You'd think having actual powers would help, but it also paints a target on your back. Got magic? The Mu and the Circle want you, or at least your body. Got super-tech? Someone will try to steal it. Got other powers? There's too many mad scientists who'd like to do experiments. Just good at fighting? A lot of groups are recruiting, and they might not take no for an answer. So what they need is a gang.

The Wasted Youth are described by Longbow as a "combination club, mutual aid society, and crime syndicate", which implies a lot more organization than they actually have, which mostly consists of meeting once a week for pizza and chitchat, followed by crime.

The main requirements for membership are extraordinary abilities of some kind, a minimal ability to play well with others, and contempt for authority, law, and order.



  • Songwitch (Adult villain from the Lethal Legion - Thinks she's their minder, actually more like their sidekick.)
  • Kitsune (Ex-member turned hero.)
  • Miss Moon (Ex-member who retired, then came back doing hero stuff.)
  • Operative Silver (Officious Arachnos paper-pusher.)
  • Squirrels (Two hyperintelligent squirrels in a nuclear-powered battlesuit.)
  • Scrubbot (Irritable cleaning robot. Turing-complete, Asimov-absent.)