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Majin Body Costume.jpg
Player: Arbane
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Threat Level: 50
Personal Data
Real Name: Kaede Nonohara
Known Aliases: "The Miniskirt Marauder"
Species: Human (?)
Age: 19
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 97 lbs
Eye Color: Black (Green when active)
Hair Color: Pink (dyed, dark brown naturally)
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue Islander
Occupation: Archvillain
Place of Birth: Port Oakes, Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: "The Clubhouse", Nerva
Marital Status: '
Known Relatives: '
Known Powers
Horrible violence
Known Abilities
Nearly indestructible

General Description

"Majin" (Japanese): Noun. Evil Spirit, Devil.
Pink-haired high-school girl and implacable juggernaut of mayhem.


Supernatural strength and durability.
Extremely strong willpower.
Corrosive green 'balefire'.
Various minor (rp) magical effects, like changing her costume.
Incarnate abilities.

Origin Story:

"Have you heard of a gang called 'The Crushers'?"
"I have not. I assume you are the reason for their anonymity?"
"Yeah. They were a big deal in Port Oakes for a little while. Their gimmick was they all carried sledgehammers. Lame, huh?"
"A sledgehammer can be an effective weapon if used properly."
"Anyway, I took the wrong way back home one evening, and got cornered by three of them. And as the one in the lead reached for me, it was like something just flipped in my head, and I went from scared to just angry that these lowlifes were threatening me - and absolutely certain that I could beat all three of them."
"You let the rage take over."
"Not exactly... but I really did enjoy beating them down. And the rest of their gang. And then I just went from there."

That's the part she knows. The whole truth is stranger, but not as relevant.

Costumes and Appearance

Her hair is dyed, it's naturally dark brown.
When she gets worked up in a fight, sickly green balefite surges from her eyes and hands.

Recent Events

She met Scavenger Lass while breaking up the Crushers, and they were among the founding members of the Wasted Youth, a combination social club, crime syndicate, and mutual-aid society for superhuman youngsters in the Rogue Islands.
Her own career has been been impressive or appalling, depending on your point of view. She's carved a bloody swath through the various criminal organizations (and heroic interlopers) in the Islands, raided Paragon City, and even joined up with both the Midnighters and Vanguard. Her primary motivation seems to be thrillseeking, mainly by finding and beating powerful foes, but as a consequence she's saved the world at least twice.


Her parents died in the Rikti War. They left their only child enough money to go to a good boarding school. Better than Hope House, at least.
Kaede settled on the code name 'Majin' at least partially to get the newspapers to stop referring to her as the 'Miniskirt Marauder'. (She did a lot of crimes in her school uniform at first.)

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