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Player: @Adipup
(Homecoming - Everlasting server)
Art drawn by @Adipup
Character Build
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Stalker
Security Level: Unknown
Biographical Data
Real Name: Marcus "Mark" O'Reilly
Known Aliases: Unnoticed, "Knox"
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Irish-American
Birthdate: Unknown
Birthplace: Etoile Islands
Relatives: Unknown
Height: 6'2"/1.88 m
Weight: ???
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Auburn
Complexion: Tanned
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: • Short goatee with a five o' clock shadow
• Medium-length hair
• Light body hair
• No tattoos or piercings
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Neutral Evil

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Identity: Secret
Years Active: Unknown
Base of Operations: Etoile Islands and Paragon City
Citizenship: Stateless (by his own design)
Education: Unknown
Occupation: • Mercenary
• Villain-for-hire
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
• Going unnoticed
• Physical fitness
• A keen mind
Equipment and Paraphernalia
• Supersuit
• Shortswords
• Spy gadgets
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Unnoticed (real name Marcus "Mark" O'Reilly) is a mercenary and villain-for-hire doing business in the Etoile Islands and Paragon City. Mark's ability to draw attention away from himself manifested when he was a baby, which subsequently caused his birth parents to abandon him. He spent his childhood moving from foster home to foster home, honing his skills and getting involved in gang activity; work was always in good supply, to say the least. However, he showed little loyalty, often robbing the criminals he worked with right from under their noses, with them left none the wiser. When he turned eighteen and aged out of the foster care system, he adopted the moniker Unnoticed and used the small fortune he amassed to forge his way forward in life as his new identity. Almost all official record of Mark's existence had been lost to time (or deliberately destroyed). He has no social security number, no birth certificate, and no licenses of any sort.


Over the years, Unnoticed had made quite a name for himself in the criminal underworld of Etoile, though (of course) none of his clients are able to recall his face or meaningfully track him down. The easiest way to contact him is for him to contact you first, though he does have a few untraceable phone numbers and email addresses in circulation on the dark web. To make up for the fact that his mutation only interferes with people's visual perception of him, he's taught himself espionage techniques and makes use of a host of spy gadgets. So, even if someone manages to hear him, smell him or feel his presence, he can quickly bring the situation back under his control.

Recently, Unnoticed has joined the ranks of the Villains of Paragon City, forming part of their covert-ops division. They caught him breaking into their secret island base, and they were so impressed by how easily he slipped past their defenses that they offered him a job on the spot. Not one to turn down a fat paycheck, he accepted.


Mark prefers to observe from the shadows, but when he makes himself known he's fairly affable, having the demeanor of a charming superspy. He wouldn't be very good at his job if he didn't know how to socialize, after all, since it's the best way to get information out of people. One might notice an air of loneliness about him, but he'd never admit it, staving it off with some of the usual vices of a thirty year old man - alcohol, smoking, gambling, men. Off duty, he's something of a barfly and a gym rat, though he'll sometimes sneak his way into a concert if the mood strikes him. Earning Mark's trust is difficult; a person would have to be exceptionally close to him to even learn his real name.


When Mark's mutation manifests, he becomes so unremarkable that he might as well be invisible. Any being with the ability to see is unable to visually perceive him when it is out in full force. Beings with a keen sense of smell or hearing would still be able to sense him, and his power has almost no effect on those who are blind or those with exceptionally strong mental defenses. Technology is mostly unaffected by his mutation; a security camera or a motion sensor can detect him, but people watching the footage might have trouble remembering his visage. Sentient robots and other artificial life are a mixed bag. They might be able to see that something is there, but they won't be able to tell what it is, exactly.


Unnoticed knows how to be silent and deadly, making his way through jobs with the grace and skill of a trained spy. He's flexible and light on his feet despite his musculature, and carries useful gadgets such as smoke bombs and grappling hooks to aid him. His trusty swords are always kept sharp, allowing him to quickly take care of assassination targets.