The Omnimancer

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The Omnimancer
Player: @Omnimancer
(Homecoming - Everlasting server)
Art drawn by Jasmin Calayag
Character Build
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Security Level: 50
Biographical Data
Real Name: Tai Navitus
Known Aliases: The Omnimancer, Harlequin, Momni, The Diplomat, Omni
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian/Hispanic
Birthdate: August 16th
Birthplace: Glendora, California, USA
Relatives: • Martin Navitus (father; human archaeologist, deceased)
• Rebecca Navitus (mother; human archaeologist)
• Kai Navitus (younger brother; human)
• Brian Header (older half-brother; human)
• Other relatives on both sides of the family
• Bear Marshall (husband; Fae Pooka PPD officer )
• Bison Macleod (husband; human PPD officer)
• Aidan B. Macleod (son, infant?)
Omnibear Macleod (son, infant?)
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 270 lbs
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Dark red
Complexion: Olive, Tanned
Physical Build: Weightlifter, broad and strong, sturdy, some gut.
Physical Features: • Trim and maintained beard
• Small, razor thin, scars all over body
• Incredibly hairy
• Moving tattoos of arcane glyphs and languages on his body, black with gold, shiny, particles
• Huge bags under eyes, looks exhausted near constantly
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: 10 years, brief periods of time where he was unlicensed and working as a vigilante
Base of Operations: Croatoa, Paragon City, USA
Citizenship: American
Education: Several College degrees, honorary and earned (His first degree, a masters, is in Occult Studies)
Occupation: • Arcane Consultant
• Department Head and tenured professor of Occult Studies at Croatoa University
• Owner and headmaster of Septimus Academy, a combination schooling/hero internship, with a focus on magical crime and tasks. • Member of Phoenix Flight, FBSA sponsored Super Group
Marital Status: Polyamorous Triad, Two Husbands.
Known Powers and Abilities
• Access to the Grimoire Infinitus, a sentient knowledge database, mostly of magical origin
• Magical mastery in several fields, and approximate knowledge of many things
• Wards and magical rituals
• A myriad of magical abilities (see "Magic" section)
Equipment and Paraphernalia
• Various magical texts and tomes, and artifacts he keeps protected
• A magitech mech suit made by HeriTech, which he uses occasionally rather than fighting crime normally.
• A golden glass pipe inscribed with arcane glyphs, sealed with a fragment of fire elemental magic that self lights the pipe. Made by Ishya.
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Tai Navitus is a mage, superhero, an Arcane Consultant living in Paragon City, USA. He mostly resides in Croatoa, but is known to work across the northeastern part of the country, as well as a brief tenure on the West and South coast.


Early years

Tai Navitus was born to a mostly mundane family with seemingly mundane lineage. His parents are archaeologists, but not the kind that grace movie screens. In spite of this, the young man assisted his parents on digs eagerly on any of their digs, a thirst for knowledge possessing him from an early age. He was exposed, on one of those digs, to a magical artifact that cursed the man. Or was it a blessing? His life changed forever, starting magical tutelage and college courses from the ripe age of 12 after a week long coma imposed by the artifacts inhabitant. He studied with prestigious magical circles, earning the title of Omnimancer, awarded to someone with varied and flexible experience in many fields of magic, at the age of 20. He worked very hard for that title.

He has brothers, parents, he talks about them if you ask. They’re elsewhere, safe from the people that would harm them if they knew their connection to the Omnimancer. The Title was hard-fought and hard-won, and he likes to wear it like the badge it is. Did he get the title on his own? Nah, he had some help. It lives on his skin and ruins his life on an almost daily basis, but he wouldn’t trade it for anything. The Grimoire Infinitus is very picky about who it trusts to grow its pages. Tai does so dutifully, spending so much time reading and gathering ALL information. The Grimoire isn’t picky about what books it stocks, as long as it has all of them.

He has a history of operating outside of the law, doing hero work without a license, property destruction, and unlawful punishment of an individual. With the help of his current Supergroup, his own charisma, and his various and undeniable philanthropies, he has managed to return to the good graces of the government and operates above board in the present day.

Present day

Tai owns and operates an Arcane Consultation service and detective service out of a currently under construction academy, which teaches young mages to hone their craft, collaborate with their peers, and better society with their gifts. He promotes drive and motivation, as well as healthy levels of self-rivalry.

The Septimus Academy sees many different clientele grace its doors, and Tai is assisted by several notable magical heroes, up and comers and established names. He mentors the young ones in his craft, and they assist him as his interns. Work study program, paid internship. Call it what you will. He actively tries to shape the future of the world. He runs a café and 24 hour library out of the campus grounds, "Common Grounds". It is currently under construction. The baked goods and coffee are sourced by Tai himself, and he trains the baristas and bakers himself to ensure quality control. The entire location reeks of magic, and is extremely well protected from scrying and external attack, and violence on the inside is met with swift punishment by either the owner himself, his employees, or the magical traps set to ensnare anyone who harms another in its premises. (Septimus-21306) He operates out of Salamenca, and is very passionate about reform and bringing order to the chaotic magic region. ((For more information about the warding and protections on the Academy, please message me in game!)) (Music for the school's café)

He is affiliated with the Phoenix Flight, funded by the FBSA, and works operations for them regularly.

He has former affiliations with Supergroups, both major and minor, but currently prefers his adopted methodology. He has narrowed his focus to arcane problems and arcane solutions, as well as putting his heart and soul behind teaching and bringing about a Renaissance of magic. He is a firm advocate for LBTQIA+ causes and societal reform, especially in regards to education. He has strong and loud opinions and is vocal and active in donating to causes he champions, and is a firm progressive! He has big pockets due to a long history of very successful work, in addition to his connections and his husband, and he isn't afraid to put that to work in championing change.


His family is under government protection, due to his public identity, and live out of the public eye. His mother is an archaeologist of some note but has only recently returned to field work due to her husband's death after a heart attack. He has two brothers, but not much information is available on them other than their names. They live under different surnames to avoid connection to their brother and his enemies. Most of his associates have some measure of government protection, whether they are aware of it or not. His husbands are both members of the PPD, Bear and Bison. They have a pair of twin sons, Fae, who seem to be splitting their time between the Wyld and Primal.


He is possessed of an innate aura of raw arcane magic and hunger. You think about it. Have you ever seen him eat? What does he eat? Why does it feel like his gaze is devouring me? He’s not hungry for you silly! He just loves people. He loves learning about things. His eyes look as if under constant strain, bloodshot and half lidded. He has chronic insomnia and a host of other stress related physical and mental issues. The space around him crackles with arcane energy. His voice is deep, slow, and deliberate. He looks as if he hasn't slept in a very long time, a sleepy anxiety surrounding him. The scent of herbs, leather, and burnt ozone hang on him. His eyes are a deep gold, like molten sunlight. His arms and chest are covered in a black ink that glitters somewhat. If you look closely enough, runes and glyphs writhe in the ink. Tanned skin. He is large, hairy, and is a teddy bear of a man. He is THICC, power gut and cakes for days. He wears a gold chain with silver dog tags on it. "Bear's" and “Bison’s” engraved on each. His nipples are pierced, but you can hardly see them...right? No...pretty apparent.

He looks older than he is, with scars and shows of strain and stress. He has dark circles under his half lidded eyes and speaks slowly and deliberately, with a deep rich voice that soothes the ears. It's pleasant to hear. His LAUGH is high pitched and insane, unhinged almost, or a deep rumbling chuckle depending. He prefers to enjoy the company of people not quick to exploding fits of emotion, anyone under the LGBTQIA+ banner, and big beefy hairy men. He floats also to people who really really love or enjoy magic. It may be total bullshit, but magic is his bullshit! He is spastic at best, swapping easily from talking deep theological points then laughing about something mundane and childish in the same breath. He tries to remain objective, and judges people based on their merits rather than their reputation. He doesn’t have a lot of patience for bigotry, general disdain for people, or people who can’t back up their big talk. He is willing to walk the walk and talk the talk. And he’s not afraid to step in and say something. He hates bullies first and foremost. His morality is flexible.

He has two husbands. And twin sons with them! He gushes about them, is incredibly affectionate, offering platonic touch to his friends without thinking, admitting his love for them without hesitation. When his BEAR is around, he gloms on without hesitation. Life is too short to mask how you feel. He has a raw charismatic magnetism about him. He doesn’t seem aware of it, or at least he doesn’t like that he is possessed of it. He tries to downplay it, but people flock to him naturally. A curse? A gift? Who knows.

Powers and abilities

Despite appearances, Tai is an accomplished athlete and is pretty fit for a mage, with rough and calloused hands. He has a reputation for chaotic and unpredictable tactics, and is known as a brilliant strategist and force of nature on a field of combat. He's not afraid to resort to fisticuffs, and rumors are that he is a rather accomplished swordsman who longs for a sword to keep up with him.

He has raw and prodigious arcane talent, born of hard work and study rather than an arcane lineage and pedigree. He is extremely knowledgeable in a wide variety of fields of study, but is an expert in magic and theory. His specialty is the manipulation of the classical elements (Aether, Wind, Water, Fire, Earth) , but he also has the ability to accomplish most general magics with relative ease. These range from teleportation, flight, magical warding's and shields, healing, time dilation, telekinesis, thought projection, accelerated healing, enhanced endurance and fortitude, and the summoning of elementals.

He is surprisingly, capable behind a mech's controls. He recently acquired his own mech-suit, dubbed the "Omnigundam" capable of channeling his magic through it and uses it occasionally rather than fighting crime outside of it. The weapons are typically elemental in nature, charging the elements with magical power and using the mech's built in tools, additions, and equipment to enhance and strengthen the magic.


  • His in-game powersets are Earth Control/Storm Summoning/Fire Mastery, making him a master of the elements!
  • He is an extremely accomplished chronomancer, despite what people may believe, and uses that power to suspend time and allow him to read freely.
  • Though he is extremely mentally fatigued and exhausted on his best days, his mind is sharp and well defended by magic. The Grimoire also has provided him a measure of immortality, recovering from even the most fatal of injuries with ease. He is not, however, unkillable or long lived.
  • His tattoos shift and move, but are illegible to all but the bearer of the tattoo. It is a cacophony of different languages, formulae, magical knowledge, and words. It moves like a hydra, many headed and curious.
  • Looking into his lineage and bloodline reveals QUITE a bit more about him than he leads the average questioner to believe.
  • Currently there are two other iterations of the character, Omnigundam (A corrupter that represents Omni using a magiteck mech suit to fight) and Swordmage (It is exactly what it sounds like)

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