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Silver Songbird.png
Silver Songbird
Player: @HNBC
Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Blaster
Security Level: 49
Server: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Sylvia Sterling
Known Aliases: Sylvie
Species: Human Mutant
Age: 26
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 145 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: '
Occupation: Musician
Place of Birth: New York City, NY.
Base of Operations: Paragon City, RI
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Richard Sterling (father), Evelyn Sterling (née Cartier) [Deceased], Nathaniel "DJ N8" Sterling
Known Powers
Sonic Scream, Sonar/Echolocation, Enhanced Stamina/Hearing, Vocal/Sound Mimicry, Siren Song, Sound Resistance
Known Abilities
Acrobatics Training, Martial Arts Training


Silver Songbird wears a cropped, grey leather jacket with rolled-up sleeves, it has a modern, edgy design, offering some protection without restricting movement. Symbolism: The leather material symbolizes her rockstar roots and adds to her tough, no-nonsense demeanor. Her top is a sleek, black bodysuit with a deep neckline made of a durable, flexible fabric that allows for a full range of motion during fights and acrobatic maneuvers. She also wears black shorts and silver grey leggings that match the jacket and are form-fitting but not restrictive, providing both style and practicality. She also wears black boots with wide cuffs, adding to the overall tough aesthetic.

Her accessories include a black belt with silver studs, adding a rocker-girl touch and providing utility for carrying small gadgets or tools, along with black fingerless gloves, and a black domino mask that covers her eyes Her hair is bright blonde and styled in a high ponytail to keep it out of her face during action sequences. She has a toned physique, reflecting her rigorous training in both music and martial arts.


Charismatic and Confident: Sylvia is a natural performer with a magnetic presence. She exudes confidence and is often the center of attention. Determined and Resilient: She is highly determined and never gives up, even in the face of overwhelming odds. Compassionate and Empathetic: Sylvie cares deeply about others and often puts their needs before her own. She uses her abilities to protect and help those in need. Adventurous and Free-Spirited: She has a love for adventure and exploration, always seeking new experiences and challenges.


Sylvia "Sylvie" Sterling was born into a family steeped in musical tradition. Her father, Richard Sterling, was a renowned music professor and classical pianist, and her mother, Evelyn Sterling, was a celebrated opera singer. From a young age, Sylvia was surrounded by music. Her home was filled with the sounds of classical compositions, operatic arias, and piano melodies. Music was not just a part of her life; it was the very fabric of her existence. Sylvia's musical talent became evident very early. By the age of three, she could sing complex melodies with perfect pitch. By five, she was playing the piano. Her father, recognizing her prodigious talent, began giving her formal music lessons. He was a strict but nurturing teacher, instilling in her the discipline and dedication needed to excel. Her mother, Evelyn, was equally supportive, often singing with Sylvia and encouraging her to explore her own voice. Evelyn’s performances deeply inspired Sylvia, and she aspired to one day perform on the same grand stages.

Sylvia attended a prestigious music academy when she was 10, where her exceptional talent set her apart from her peers. She excelled in all aspects of music education, from theory and composition to performance. At school, Sylvia was well-liked but felt somewhat isolated by her extraordinary abilities and the intense focus on her training. She formed a few close friendships with fellow musicians, who appreciated her talent and shared her passion. One of her closest friends was Shijima, a quiet but skilled martial artist. They bonded over their shared dedication to their respective crafts and mutual respect for each other's abilities. Shijima introduced Sylvia to the world of martial arts, which would become an important part of her life. At her father's insistence, Sylvia began taking self-defense classes. Richard believed that in addition to her musical training, Sylvia needed to be able to protect herself. He enrolled her in various martial arts classes, including karate, judo, and aikido. Sylvia took to martial arts with the same dedication she showed in her music. She trained rigorously, developing strength, agility, and discipline.

When Sylvia was 12, Evelyn was diagnosed with a terminal illness. The news devastated the family. Richard focused on caring for his wife and supporting their children, while Sylvia threw herself into martial arts as a way to cope. Evelyn’s condition worsened, and she passed away when Sylvia was 13. Her death left a profound void in Sylvia's life. To cope with her grief, Sylvia turned to music, finding solace in playing and composing.

A few months after her mother's death, Sylvia found herself increasingly drawn to pop rock music. She felt that this genre allowed her to express her emotions more freely and reach a broader audience. At 16, she formed a band called "Sylvie and the Starlings" with a few friends from school. The band quickly gained popularity, performing at local venues and eventually recording their first album.

The band's debut album, featuring songs like "Starlight Serenade," quickly gained a following. Their music blended Sylvia's classical training with contemporary rock and pop music, creating a unique and captivating sound. They toured extensively, performing at clubs, festivals, and eventually larger venues. Sylvia's powerful vocals and commanding stage presence made her a standout performer, and the band gained a small but dedicated fan base.

Throughout her rise to fame, Sylvia continued her martial arts training. She found that the discipline and physicality of martial arts balanced the emotional and creative demands of her music career.

Richard, though initially resistant to Sylvia's shift away from classical music, eventually came to support her new path. He saw that Sylvia was using her talents in a way that resonated deeply with her and brought her joy. Nathaniel Sterling, Sylvia's younger brother, was a constant source of both challenge and support. Nate's rebellious nature often caused tension, but he also admired Sylvia's talent and drive. As he pursued his own interests in sound engineering and DJing, he and Sylvia found ways to collaborate and support each other.

Sylvia's extraordinary vocal range developed further into a powerful sonic scream as her mutant abilities fully manifested, which she discovered during an intense emotional moment. This newfound ability was both exhilarating and terrifying. She realized that her voice could be a force for good, not just through music but in protecting others. Inspired by her mother's legacy and her father's teachings, Sylvia began to train herself to harness and control her sonic powers. Combining her musical talent, martial arts skills, and sonic abilities, Sylvia adopted the superhero persona of "The Silver Songbird". She designed a costume that reflected her rockstar roots and her new role as a protector. As Silver Songbird, she fought against crime and injustice, using her voice to disarm and incapacitate foes. She became a symbol of strength and resilience, inspiring others with her courage and dedication.


  • Sonic Scream - Sylvia can emit a powerful sonic scream that can shatter objects, incapacitate enemies, and create shockwaves. She can control the intensity and direction of her scream.
  • Sonar/Echolocation - Using sound waves, Sylvia can map out her surroundings, even in complete darkness or through obstacles. This ability enhances her situational awareness and makes it nearly impossible for enemies to surprise her.
  • Enhanced Stamina
  • Enhanced Hearing - Sylvia possesses heightened auditory senses, allowing her to detect sounds from great distances and identify subtle auditory cues.
  • Vocal/Sound Mimicry - Sylvia is able to mimic sounds, as well as the voices of other people, in order to confuse and distract her opponents
  • Siren Song
  • Sound Resistance - Sylvia has a unique birth defect that allows her to resist sounds at high volume, allowing her to be immune to her own sound-based abilities.
  • Acrobatics/Martial Arts Training - Trained in various forms of martial arts and acrobatics, Sylvie is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and is exceptionally agile.


Weaknesses & Limitations

  • Sensitivity to Infrasound and Ultrasound: While her enhanced hearing is an asset, it also makes her sensitive to infrasound (low-frequency) and ultrasound (high-frequency) waves, which can cause discomfort or disorientation.
  • Magic: Has little to no magical defense and can be injured like a normal person by mystical attacks.
  • Overuse of Powers: Excessive use of her sonic scream can strain her vocal cords and temporarily weaken her abilities, requiring periods of rest to recover.
  • Only Human: Sylvia can still be injured, wounded or hurt like any normal human being



Name: Richard Sterling


Relation: Father

Details A renowned music professor and classical pianist. Deeply passionate about music and the arts, with a particular love for opera. He maintains high standards and is somewhat strict, especially when it comes to music education and discipline. But despite his strict nature, he is incredibly supportive of Sylvia's talents and aspirations. Richard grew up in a family of musicians and followed in their footsteps. Met his future wife, Evelyn Cartier, at a music conservatory. He pushed Sylvia towards a career in opera at a young age, recognizing his daughter's prodigious talent early on. He enrolled her in music lessons and self-defense classes to ensure she was well-rounded and safe.

Name: Evelyn Sterling (née Carter) [Deceased]


Relation: Mother

Details: A famous opera singer known for her grace and elegance both on and off the stage. Evelyn was a loving and nurturing mother who encouraged Sylvia to explore her musical gifts and served as a major inspiration for Sylvia, instilling in her a deep love for music. Evelyn came from a modest background and worked her way up to become a celebrated opera singer but had tragically passed away when Sylvia was a teenager, leaving a significant impact on the family. Her death was a turning point for Sylvia, pushing her towards pop rock music and away from opera as a way to cope with her grief, but she had left behind her silver locket, which she had worn during her performances and Sylvia had worn it during all her performances with her band

Name: Nathaniel Sterling

Alias: DJ N8

Relation: Younger Brother

Details: Often got into trouble during his childhood, often clashing with his father's strict rules and testing boundaries and exploring his own path. His rebellious nature led him to DJing and sound engineering. Nathaniel has a magnetic personality, easily making friends and charming those around him. He also inherited a love for music from his mother, but expresses it in a different way than Sylvia, preferring electronic and experimental music. But despite their sibling rivalry, Nathaniel is fiercely loyal to his family and is especially protective of Sylvia.







Alias: N/A


Details: TBA









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RP Hooks

  • You might have seen one of her shows

TV Tropes


  • Is trained in aikido, karate, capoeira, judo and boxing
  • Speaks fluent Japanese, French, and Spanish
  • Owns a motorcycle she calls "the Silver-Cycle"
  • Her favorite rock band is Queen and her favorite song by them is "Bohemian Rhapsody"