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The Golden Girl
Personal Data
Real Name: Abeline Leona Gracelan
Known Aliases: Rapunzel, Goldie, Abby
Species: Human, mutant
Age: 35
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 255 lbs
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: Gold, literally
Occupation: Waitress at the Golden Giza
Place of Birth: Hickstown, Alabama
Known Relatives: Alice Gracelan (mother)

Even in a world teeming with succubi, tentacle monsters, and talking cows it is difficult to miss this one.

A well toned body is hardly anything out of the ordinary... Until it is wrapped in gold. Her exquisite skin is hard to not notice, the pale blue flesh accented by veins and patches of glistening gold. The effect extends further, replacing hair and nails with strands and plates of the soft metal. Each motion of her head or tap of her nail against her skin draws a soft chime or metallic shuffling noise that compliments the clear alto of her voice.

There is no hesitation in her manner, if anything, she could almost be accused of being overly confident. Expecting and welcoming the attention, her golden eyes light up and lock onto anyone who gives it to her. Her appearance is almost meticulously put together, hair rarely out of place, clothes chosen to compliment her unique skintone.

Clothes which are obviously expensive. Brocade, leather, lace layered over a protective and sultry thick suede... Now and then a soft satin to accentuate the hard plating that adorns her skin. Her lifestyle is rich, no doubt about that, and something she does not intend to lose anytime soon.

~The Golden Child~

Alice Gracelan lived in a trailer. It was rather white trash of her. Standard angry and bitter blonde woman with a southern drawl, Alice would do whatever she could short of holding down a job to get cash. She had a nasty drinking habit and it needed funded. She stole, she pawned, she hooked a bit. In the middle of all of this, she signed up for random drug trials. Her profile always fit what they were looking for, and she usually ended up in a full run of test drugs. At one point, she was on three different trials... and had no idea she was pregnant. She figured the nausea was a side effect of one drug or another.

She didn't gain weight until six months in. Two of the drug trials were run by the same company; Melaurel RX. The doctors noticed what was happening and after some internal conversation, switched Alice into the control group, asking her to sign a few mid-trial waivers and legal documents. She blindly did so after a promised increase in payment and within the next two months gave birth to a surprisingly healthy baby girl. The shock of the child's presence was universal. Not only had Alice not realized it, or wanted a child... But the child was a mutant. It was obvious from the moment she was born. Alice had given birth to the golden child. Literally.

The infant was born with thin veins of gold over her body and modified glands which ensured that the gold would continue to produce. Though talks were raised of removing the glands, Alice only saw the potential for moneymaking. This child would get her anything she wanted. Immediately she defended the child, claiming it as her own and declaring to care for little Abeline Leona Gracelan for the rest of her life.

Abeline became big news fast. Golden Abby was asked to appear on talk shows, to be photographed for newspapers, to go here or there... and often the request was accompanied by the assurance of payment for time and effort... Gifts for the family of two, obviously having a difficult time living in such tight circumstances. Soon enough a home was built and gifted to them. Somewhere suitable for a sweet and unique child. From there, things snowballed. Alice continued to push Abby into the spotlight.

She loved the child... for her money making potential. Abby grew up in the center of the world and her mind embraced it, welcomed the attention... began to crave it.


To futher the attention and money making potential of her daughter, Alice allowed tests to be run, on the promise that she was paid for their time. Further, she began to send the girl to lessons. Tap, ballet, singing, piano... If she were going to look like a golden child, she would perform as one. And act like one.... In public, at least. The push for attention and the girl's craving of the same began to lead to battles of will between the two... Which began to help Abby hone her skills of temper tantruming.

It was during these tantrums that they finally learned that her mutation extended beyond her exquisite appearance. Glands located beneath various spots on her skin enabled her to quickly manufacture more of the gold, pushing it through her skin into long painful spikes that left Alice in pain more than once. The balance of control began to grow precarious between the two.

They continued to butt heads while bringing in money, ensuring that a certain lifestyle was maintained... Even if it was just a facade on some levels. Abby chafed under her mother's control.. and at the age of eighteen she finally had enough. Yet another fight began between the two and it snowballed into a magnificent blow-up. Abby resorted to breaking the expensive things Alice had accumulated and not pawned off. And in a royal fit, Abby waited until her mother was leaving the shower to say goodbye. She pinned her mother to the wall by her towel, those glinting gold spikes keeping her firmly in place on the kitchen wall.

Abby only grinned in answer to the woman's hysterical screaming and demands to be let down. She spent fifteen minutes gathering up her belongings, claimed her mother's money stash, then snagged the keys to her mother's convertible and left.

It took her six weeks to make it, but she pulled up infront of the Monte Carlo in Vegas on her nineteeth birthday. From there, it took twenty minutes to land a job in the prestigious casino. Decked in a small black dress, Abby's unique looks drew her beloved attention right to her. Giving her ample opportunity to manipulate those doting on her.

Accepting gifts and stealing when backs were turned, Abby reveled in her increasingly expensive lifestyle. She eventually left the floor and joined the show at the casino. And then... she left. Bored, she decided to take her center of universe elsewhere. While debating just where to go, she was approached by a representative of the Golden Giza. The offer was entertaining... and flattering. What could be more perfect for the Golden Giza than to have the golden girl as private waitress to their most prestigious whales? They gave her open reigns to do what she would in her free time, so long as she came when requested. She was given her own private and lavish apartment not far from the strip, was allowed to accept any and all tips.... And all she had to do was soak up attention. She did her research. And then she moved.

~The Villainess~

Abby fell into the lifestyle like a swan to water. The more she was around the Giza, the more whales requested her, the more gifts she got. And the more the whales sought her company, the less attention they paid to the actions of the house. It was a win-win.

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~Abilities and Weaknesses~

Goldglitz's body is altered to include sub dermal glands. The glands produce the gold which not only covers her skin, but can shape through her skin to form surprisingly dangerous spikes. Most are solid, though the spikes that are produced from her hands are hollow, filled with a highly toxic form of gold chloride which can cause damage to the nervous system as well as peripheral neuropathy. Along with this goes a rather impressive resistance to the same kind of effects. Having a neurotoxin in her system has made it so that Abby is difficult to affect with chemicals.

The gold plating makes her more resistant to being attacked... and the fact that her hair and skin are covered in gold also makes her heavier. So she's harder to knock out of the way when she's determined. Granted, this doesn't mean all that much in a world where every fifth person possesses super strength. But a girl's got to take what edge she can get. Her muscles are rather nicely toned, thanks to her continued practice of working out, dancing and carting her own weight around. Other abilities include being a colorful distraction, history of theft, speed driving, and the ability to genuinely run in heels without breaking them.

While her mutation does make her more resistant to damage and the chemical neurotoxins, Goldglitz is still human. Getting past the natural armor will hurt her. Though the plating makes it more difficult to accomplish, she is susceptible to breaks. Mind control is possible once a person gets beyond her sheer self-centered will and stubborn mind set.

Her biggest weakness... and potential fear, however, is fire. Small bonfires don't bother her. Enemies with flame throwers... Enemies who control flame? Considering the way gold softens and heats up under extreme heat and fire... It's no surprise that Goldglitz is not a fan of fighting with it. Having her body and hair melted and burned is not high on her list of things to do.


Regale - Zee is a former coworker from the Golden Giza. The talented telepath joined forces with Abby to open the Mug Shot in Kallisti Wharf. Coworkers and friends, they get along maybe a little too well.

Horror-Frost - From the beginning, Abby was amused by Frost. When it turned out that their interests overlapped and her position at the Giza would help him get revenge, her amusement turned to interest and soon to the genuine enjoyment of his company. The mutual admiration began to shift and they soon became something more than just coworkers. Their relationship went off and on after the break up, reformation and subsequent SECOND destruction of the Underworld.

  • United Underworld - After being approached by its leaders, Goldglitz joined up with this motley crew of villains. The lure of trouble combined with wealth was quite enough to tempt her into submitting an application. Abby took a couple months, but soon fell fully into swing with the group of villains. The group broke apart twice and is now no longer around.

Seismecca and Pure Inferno - two of the only members of the former crew that she would be interested in finding.

Melaurel RX - The group responsible for making her who and what she is, to say that Abby doesn't care for Melaurel is an understatement. They did quite a bit of testing on her when she was young, and on some level she thanks them for that... It did help her figure out how to better use her abilities. The fact that they have resurfaced and hinted at a way for her to enhance her abilities has definitely claimed her attention. Once she figures out just what they plan to do, she intends to take it for herself and kill each of them off.

~Things to Note~

She is terribly skilled at manipulating men. It's unnerving. At one point, she had three men interested in her and kept them all thinking they were just as special to her. In honesty, only one of them was getting her affections really returned, and he knew about the others.

She has no pets. She spends too much time outside of her home (the lavish rooms promised to her by the Giza, which she summarily BOUGHT from them so they had no sway over her and couldn't kick her out) to find it necessary to have a pet. She now has a second home, a large sprawling home with lots of security, located an hour outside of Kallisti.


She wears one non-golden piece of jewelry. A silver handmade ring on her right hand, set with a piece of nevermelting ice. Though, with recent events, there's not much opportunity for anyone around here to see it.

Abby has to visit a very well-paid jeweler once a month to keep herself polished and get her hair trimmed. It's expensive and she spends at least two hours there, then two hours getting the scent of the cleaner off of her.