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Often mistaken for a demon, Glyphica's powers were actually stolen from a djinn. Although she was once a Midnighter, her desire for power and notoriety were greater than her aptitude for magic. Frustrated and resentful, she spent decades searching for a source of power to fuel her ambitions.

When she finally succeeded in her goal of trapping an ancient djinn, she refused to bargain it's freedom for a mere wish. Instead she absorbed the djinn's life essence, binding it to her body through the use of fel rituals and arcane glyphs tattooed to her in gold. She would finally be unmissable, undeniable, and unstoppable.

Not without consequence, though. The person she was before was totally subsumed and her considerable intellect was all that remained of her old self. Glyphica was born: a creature of wanton strength whose only desire was to seek more and more power.

Physical Traits
Human? Djinn?
Apparent Age
Late 20's
2.5m (8'2")
135kg (298lbs)
Glossy Black
· Distinguishing Features ·
Pointed Ears, Small Horns, Tail, Long Tongue, Golden Glyph Tattoos
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Supernatural Strength, Invulnerability,
Flight, Magic Blasts
· Other Abilities ·
Minor Shapeshifting, Strength Absorption, Ritual Magic, Arcane Lore


"What the hell are you?"
- Dutch
Glyphica - Raybees - Commission.png

DefeatCOTEnd.png The result of essentially turning oneself into a human demon-summoning circle.

  • It is unknown if this is the reason why she has horns and a tail, though it is a credible explanation.
  • By layering several magical rituals, Glyphica adapted the power of the strongest demon-binding magics to shackle nearly any source of power to herself.
  • She typically doesn't correct others when they refer to her as a demon, djinn, or otherwise. Not entirely human anymore, either.

Badge origins path.png A cautionary tale against wild magical experimentation and reckless ambition.

  • Discovered that as far as binding supernatural entities to oneself, genies provided a favorable ratio of reality-bending power with minimum harm to one's soul.
  • Her mind was incapable of handing such a vast cognitive paradigm shift and her memory was purged with only hints of her former personality remaining.
  • Glyphica knows what she is and why she came to be, but can't recall who she was and frankly doesn't care to.

V badge DemonDefeatBadge.png You might not consider her strictly "evil."

  • Not seeking power for some nefarious scheme. It is her core motivation and an end unto itself.
  • When the binding wiped her mind, all that was left for her new self to latch on to was the quest to become more powerful.
  • Willing to work with Heroes and Villains alike to get what she wants; use of indiscriminate violence makes her a public danger.

Badge Holiday10DefeatLadyWinter.png Glyphica's nudity is the ultimate power move. She exudes magic and confidence.

  • She resembles a living, latex-skinned mannequin; doesn't present genitals or nipples.
  • Her eyes pulse with light and spew out raw magical energy.
  • She often shimmers when she moves; unknown if this intentional or not.
Commission by Raylene Traylor

Powers & Vulnerabilities

"Power, control, security, all of those are just fancy ways of saying that you're afraid, and you want to not be afraid anymore.
People will do a lot to avoid fear, even become the monsters they're afraid of."

- Crimson

Powers Vulnerabilities

SuperStrength Rage.png Supernatural Strength

  • Magically infused with terrible strength, Glyphica doesn't fight her enemies so much as fling them about or tear them apart.

Invulnerability Invincibility.png Invulnerability

  • Despite being soft to the touch, bullets deform and crumble against her skin.
  • Blades fail to penetrate, energy is simply reflected or absorbed.
  • Although unable to deflect psionic attacks, she is remarkably resistant to psi damage.

Flight Afterburner.png Flight

  • Though not particularly fast, Glyphica can fly.

LuminousBlast DawnStrike.png Magic Blast, Spells

  • Unleashes golden blasts of raw, wild magic.
  • Has learned a few "proper" spells now that she has the aptitude
  • Magical tattoos allow her to steal the strength of defeated foes

UmbralAura BlackDwarf.png Minor Shapeshifting

  • Can change size within a range. Frequently shrinks to fight in confined areas. Otherwise stays as large as possible.
  • Sometimes grows wings, though not needed. Horns and tail may also be ornamental? Likely able to grow other parts.
  • Previous attempts to radically alter her form have led to complications. She now tries to avoid such things.

BeastMastery SummonDireWolves.png Solo Act

  • Being a haughty, power-hungry killing machine doesn't earn you many friends.
  • Willing to work with others to get what she wants, then discard them.
  • Has been known to take on apprentices or other followers. For whatever reasons, they don't seem to last.

Manipulation Provoke.png Overconfident

  • In conjunction with going it alone, makes it very easy to spring a trap on her.
  • Has fought her way out of many traps so far, only increasing her arrogance.

MentalControl MindControl.png Mind Control

  • Resistant to psionic attack, but not impossible to mentally dominate.
  • Typically able to recover very quickly. Then she gets even.
  • Her mind is easy to read. Unknown if she can't hide her thoughts or doesn't care.

ElectricalBolt ShortCircuit.png Exhaustion

  • Although inherently resistant to damage, most of her invulnerability requires active focus.
  • Through the use of endurance-sapping effects, can be left exhausted and vulnerable.

Glyphica - Isa Lansky - Commission Animation.gif
Commission by Isa

Quirks & Hooks

"I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way"
- Jessica Rabbit
Glyphica - Nonkanonsan - Commission.png
  • Arrogant to a fault; she thinks she's smarter than you, and knows she's stronger.
  • Often becomes incensed in combat, offended that anyone would even think they could win against her.
  • Nearly incapable of subtlety; prefers the direct route every time.
  • Disgusted by lies and betrayal.
  • Uptight and self-serious, but not entirely humorless.
  • Frequently wears a smug, confident smile.
  • Willing to admit when she is wrong. Good luck convincing her.
  • Often seen reading in public, researching fabled sources of power to steal.
  • Avoids using contractions for some reason.
  • Enjoys top-shelf vodka (straight, chilled) and EDM.
  • Not tech-savvy. Avoids using technology to become more powerful.
  • Sees the use of sarcasm, crude sexual language, and/or passive-aggressive behavior as signs of a weak mind.
  • Polite to those who show deference to her power; protects those who willingly serve her.
"All cruelty springs from weakness." – Seneca
Glyphica - sevyc - Commission 02.png
Commission by nonkanonsan
Commission by sevyc

Additional Images

Glyphica - cromwellb - Commission 01.png
Glyphica - Mochi - Friendart.png
Glyphica - sevyc - Commision 01.png
Commission by cromwellb
Friendart by Mochi (thank you!)
Commission by sevyc
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Commission by radisty
Commission by Inspector97
Commission by Soleilloo
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Commission by Redg Vicente
Commission by Facundo Moyano
Commission by AcuDraws
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Commission by Ben Sadfleck
Commission by Ben Sadfleck
Commission by Wravis
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Glyphica - Frost Llamzon - Comission Apex - transparent.png
Commission by vile
Commission by nonkanonsan
Commission by Frost Llamzon
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Glyphica - Jonathan Rector - Commission.jpg
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Commission by sevyc
Commission by Johnathan Rector
Commission by Marx Ferreira