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The Brutal
· Technology Stalker ·
Player: @Snugglebunny
Real Name
Serena Simone Ellis
July 13
Candor, NY
Skyway City, Paragon, RI
· Known Relatives ·
Ron and Tracee Ellis (Parents)
Physical Traits
Human, augmented
Apparent Age
Body Type
Scarred brown
Powers & Abilities
· Equipment ·
Proprietary technology including shielding, camouflage, and claws

Serena Ellis was a Problem Child. It wasn't exactly that she herself was problematic, so much as there were not enough problems for her to solve.

Constantly taking things apart and putting them back together, more often than not leaving them running more efficiently than before, young Serena accumulated a pile of extra pieces which eventually were used in her own inventions. Upgrades to other equipment or altogether new items.

Born the only daughter to a construction worker and a nurse, Serena Simone Ellis was perfectly normal otherwise. She went to public schools where she excelled in the sciences and maths... and did rather horribly in everything else. The only thing that kept her from feeling like a total failure was the fact that she began to rack up a patent count, and it started to literally pay off. Not a whole lot, but she started to have some proof of concept in her bank account. Spending money for the weekends. Toward the end of high school, a bit to save for college.

When it came time for college, she applied for and was awarded several scholarships in order to attend a little ways from home in Ithaca, working on a double major. Things were going well. During her third year, she transferred to Rhode Island with the prospect of working on a few projects allowing her access to Vanguard technology. She was on track to graduate, spending all of her spare time working on her final project: a concept hovercraft borrowing concepts from Goldbricker and Sky Raider technology, incorporating it into several ideas she had.

Unfortunately, two days into the diagnostics, one of the supports holding up the chassis snapped while Serena was beneath it. Because of how she was positioned as it fell, the bulk of the damage was done to her spine and her left arm; irreparably damaging the 12th to 19th vertebrae and crushing her forearm. Serena spent the remainder of the semester and all of the following year in the hospital, under going corrective surgeries.

While technology had advanced enough to return her mobility and correct her damaged arm, it was not enough. Serena was determined to have more. All projects that had been in line before the accident were thrown to the side as she put her heart and soul and pent up anger into making herself better than she was. There were more failures and tears than there were successes.

Finally, everything clicked into place.

The spine was more than a success, actually. Offering a greater range of movement than her original replacement,

she had gone further. Why modify herself this much for just walking. She could protect herself.

She added in some subdermal assets... and then started thinking. "Why just protect herself? There were others around who did the hero thing... maybe she could do it..."

It wasn't that she wanted to be a hero, per se. But there was an opportunity for field testing her tech, and she knew that sometimes the area around her apartment did not get the kind of attention it needed. If, maybe, down the road, things happened to work out that way... well...

Another umpteen projects ended up on the drafting table. Several of them didn't pan out. Some of them did.
Some of them ended up burned beyond recognition, never to be spoken of again.
She had a few more surgeries after the rounds of lab testing... and then registered with the name Girlfight. It was easy to remember and pretty straightforward.

While Serena never threw herself fully into the hero gig, she did find that she enjoyed what she managed to do. Watching the area around her Skyway apartment kept her busy between her freelancing gigs, and when she had more time than that, she jumped over to Brickstown to harrass the Crey agents and pick up some of their tech to mess around with.

Can you say "Over the Moon"?


Spine - Currently, the spine is made of several systems. The base system is there simply to help her walk. While the surgeries attempted to rectify the damage, they did so with unforgiving rods. Serena wanted another option. It allowed for flexibility and range of motion, linked to several other replaced joints and bones.
beyond that, the spine also includes a system that monitors her vitals. When her spine was upgraded, it started other necessary uogrades. The weight meant that other bones needed reinforced. That meant more strain on her system. So there was a little help done to her heart and lungs to ensure it could keep up with the body. To ensure that all those components could be monitored easiky, she added a layer of diagnostics atop the spine for easy access.

Third, it provides a protective layer. The outermost layer contains components which connect to the camouflage system, but also protect the spine itself in a tough layer of flexible but bullet and pierce-proof shell.

Subdermals - Her skin is a testament to the surgeries she has undergone. While she healed up for the most part, the faint silver threading of scarring covers much of her skin from her back to her legs, and largely on her hands. Beyond the skeletal reinforcementand the spine, Serena has a few other subdermal additions she uses in her fighting.

There are roughly twenty points across her body which link together with the spine to create her camouflage barrier. The electric pulses join together, causing a barrier which makes her difficult to discern from her surroundings.
Perhaps the most important additions are her patented weapons. Using a system of light and electronics, Serena was able to implant a pair of devices near her wrists which, when activated, create semi-transparent blades. They are solid enough when they come into contact with inorganic matter, but upon hitting organic matter, the electronic pulses pass through and instead interact with any brain waves. The intent is to cause interruptions with thought patterns and the like, headaches, inducing sleep and causing the target to become incapacitated.


She's only human, really? Despite all the surgeries, despite the heightened speed of her mental train, Serena is only what she is. She has no magical or mutant abilities. She has no defenses against magic stuff. No high psychic hoodoo gifts or defenses. Things that take normal people out will, by and large, render her useless. The exceptions being broken legs and the like, seeing as her skeletal stucture has been reinforced. .. but there again... in a world of metas, with enough force applied...
It's just tech - Her tech is not infallible. While she does upgrade it regularly, and has done her level best to keep it protected, at the end of the day her skills come from her mind and her toys. And toys can sometimes get broken.
Shiny object syndrome - With a mind that works the way hers does, Serena is often working on 90 things at once. Yes, even when she's running around the field hitting people, she is probably problem solving something on her drafting table.

I wouldn't say she's easily distracted, but the right thing...



☼ Serena has a fondness for coffee, cheesecake, Bubble Yum gum, and brightly colored plastic and acrylic jewelry.
☼ She tends not to wear much expensive stuff, otherwise... well, apart from her augmentations. Most of her clothes, even, are thrifted. She's just really good at keeping them looking good.
☼ Speaking of clothes? She's gotten good at modding them. A lot of her clothes are reworked to fit around the spine. Not all, just most.
☼ Serena is not overly fond of writing. She is bad at grammaring.