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Player: @Stormfall
Character Build
Security Level:
Biographical Data
Real Name:
Jaime Herrera Delgado
Known Aliases:
Human Mutant
Tijuana, Mexico
Unidentified father, mother, two older brothers, one older sister and one younger brother
Physical Build:
Some tone
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Years Active:
Base of Operations:
North America
College student
Adventurer, Baker, Student
Marital Status:
Single, never married
Known Powers and Abilities
Illusion Casting, Sensory Manipulation, Minor Telepathy
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Protective Wear, Communications Technology
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Jaime Herrera Delgado is a Mexican-born mutant who's latent abilities gradually came to light, as opposed to spiking during adolescence. He possesses the ability to psionically manipulate the perceptions of those within his proximity, enabling him to conjure a variety of illusions utilizing mental will and imagination. At first his powers were a burden to himself and everyone around him, however moving to his adoptive home of Paragon City, he was eventually able to learn control through a special program for gifted youngers. Jaime has taken to 'heroic' deeds under the alias El Lusion as one of many ways to play upon stereotypes. To combat the ridiculous state of his adopted country, he has dedicated himself to setting a good example for his two communities, and has involved himself more in progressive politics. (WIP)



Personality Profile

With such a potentially hazardous and dangerous mutation, it's fortunate that Jaime's brain is wired that of a decent person. He only wants to do good, actual good, in the world that he knows is half wonderful and half absolutely terrible. He is generous, kind-hearted, but still assertive. He is loud and outspoken about progressive politics and remains a fighter for the little guys: minorities, immigrants and all the repressed alike. While Jaime doesn't believe that EVERY criminal is necessarily a bad person, nor every villain incapable of change, he's not blind to the fact that there are just some individuals that are stuck as they are. The young hero is also quite aware that not all 'heroes' are great people, and he has no problem calling them out on their hypocrisy. He does everything in his power not to use lethal or psychologically damaging affliction with his powers, but will do so if absolutely necessary to the best of his judgement. With that being said, Jaime does suffer from a clinical depressive disorder brought on by the mishaps of his powers in the past - a part of him that can creep up into prominence from time to time.








Illusions_PhantomArmy.png Sensory Manipulation/Illusion Casting - El Lusion's primary mutation revolves around his ability to psionically influence or alter the perceptions of others and cast a variety of illusions. He most commonly accomplishes this by manipulating the senses of hearing, sight and even touch, easily creating shared localized illusions and misdirection. With more prominent concentration on specific beings, he is even capable of casting more prominent and realistic illusions that further involve the senses of smell, taste, secondary senses and even leading into psychosomatic phenomena.

Illusions_Decieve.png Telepathy - Using mutant powers, El Lusion can accomplish telepathic feats by projecting his voice or images into the perceptions of specific people. Though weak, he does possess limited mind reading abilities, though they rely on the perceptions of those he is affecting already in place.


SuperSpeed_AcceleratedCombat.png Self-Defense - As an unofficial apprentice, El Lusion has had some basic street fighting and self-defense coaching from his superiors-on-the-field.

DarkArmor_CloakOfDarkness.png Stealth - The nature of El Lusion's abilities has naturally landed him in many jobs requiring stealth, espionage or infiltration. With his powers he is easily capable of completely masking his presence from the basic senses, and even take the illusionary-form of different people.

Weapons and Equipment

MunitionsMastery_BodyArmor.png Protective Wear - Like any smart hero, Jaime's El Lusion outfit affords him with bulletproof and heat resistant advantages to minimize injury.

Weaknesses and Limitations

SuperSpeed_Burnout.png Overclocking - It's been demonstrated that with both factors of prolonged time usage, and the use of more vivid illusions, results in gradual physical and mental strain. This is evident through migraines, nose bleeds and in the most extreme case thus far temporary unconsciousness.

Illusions_spectralTerror.png Nightmares - A negative aspect of his mutation is how he is capable of manifesting his dreams as illusions around his own unconscious state. Though very rare due to his medication, it is possible that his nightmares could result in the psychosomatic damage of his surroundings.

Other Skills and Talents

WindControl_Vortex.png Baking - Because his parents owned a baking business, Jaime didn't really have a choice but to grow up learning the family trade. It is however something that he actually enjoys doing, and he's pretty good at making delicious things. There are a couple family recipes under his belt!

DualBlades_Placate.png Bilingualism - Jaime is fluent in Mexican Spanish, and English as a second language.

SuperSpeed_AcceleratedCombat.png Political Activism - Jaime has recently earned his B.A. in Political Science. He is very involved locally (especially his heroic identity), and makes sure that his loud voice knows exactly what it's talking about. He has a promising future in politics, and plans to further his educational endeavors despite the difficult balancing act.


  • He takes daily medication to treat his persistent depressive disorder, and to reduce his nightmares for the sake of himself and everyone around him.
  • Due to his outspoken politics, El Lusion has made some rivals even in the heroic community that have ignorantly and incorrectly labeled/identified his progressive socialist stance as generically 'communist'. He's usually more than willing to debate, correct and educate others on the matter.
  • This character was the original creation of the MUN's brother created back during live. Since he doesn't appear interested to return to City of Heroes, the El Lusion name will be kept alive with a slightly different version.