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Candi Crush.png
"You call me a 'bitch' like it's a bad thing..."
Candi Crush
Player: @Belah Nain
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Brute
Security Level: Rising
Personal Data
Real Name: Candi Cage
Known Aliases: Candice Craft, Scrappy, Crush
Species: Human
Age: 28
Height: 218 cm (7'0")
Weight: 265 kg (585 lbs)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue Isles Citizen
Occupation: "Adventurer", Enforcer, Dancer
Place of Birth: Hellforge, Sharkhead Island
Base of Operations: Sharkhead Island
Marital Status: You're joking
Known Relatives: Kirk Cage (Second Cousin), Crash Cage (Third Cousin)
Known Powers
Bio-energy manifesting as matter-disruption field, super strength, magical augmentation
Known Abilities
Upward strength limit unknown, bio-energy manipulation, regeneration, "entropy aura"
Bulletproof clothing
Refer to Belah Nain

Caged Fury

"Let me tell you about Sharkhead: There's a great big mansion with manicured lawns and fountains overlooking a cursed mudpit infested with slag golems and fascists. There's a mill that takes all the scrap from Recluse's army, and all the junk we generate, and churns out hot rolled steel all day and night. This place is nothing but mud, and metal, and fire, and violence... and people STILL make lives out of it. I'm just trying to help them get a better one."

Candi Cage is from the side of the family that Kirk would rather nobody knew about, and Candi's more than willing to oblige. Born on Sharkhead Island, Candi learned how to rip apart an engine and put it back together, how to melt scrap down for the precious metal content, and while other kids in the Rogue Isles were learning how to drill into a safe or pick a lock, Candi just bashed it with the nearest heavy, blunt object she could find until it stopped being in her way.

The Hell forge is a violent, dangerous place, and Candi lost her parents to its fires relatively young, but thanks to connections they had made with Scrapyard, Candi was raised in the world of the 'yarders. With that kind of life, Candi learned that taking was the best way to get something; whether lunch money, favors, social standing, or more. Once her bio-energy powers manifested, she ended the careers of more than a few people on the Cage payroll who had crossed her, and started a profitable side hustle for helping people get even. All tactics and skills she's put to good use ever since.

Growing up Fast

"Mako first... to show Kirk what's coming for him this time."

With the death of Scrapyard at the hands of Captain Mako, and Scrapyard's wife going into hiding, Candi realized that Kirk Cage no longer had any major opposition to pruning her branch of the family tree. Fortunately enough favors and enough knowledge of where the bodies were buried (often literally) was enough to buy her passage to Paragon City, where she was able to set up the identity of "Candice Craft"; a dock worker from Indy Port. This was an identity that allowed her to easily stay in touch with her people back on Sharkhead.

After the Rikti war, Candi was able to move much more freely between Paragon and Sharkhead, performing multiple attacks on various holdings owned by Kirk Cage and Captain Mako. Eventually her penchant for wanton destruction and property damage drew the attention of Belah Nain, who offered her two things: Much more profitable employment and expanded opportunities at Belah's club, "Demolition Divas", and an offer to grant her a portion of power; augmenting her bio-energy with the Succubus of Smash's natural abilities to feed on desire and replenish herself, as well as raising her body's durability to supernatural levels of toughness.

Empowered and Emboldened

"Yes, it belonged to Crash, no, she doesn't know I have it, now are you going to help me chop it so I can get rid of the evidence, or am I just crushing and tossing it myself?"

With these gifts and the increased income, Candi's campaign of mayhem has kicked into high gear, leading to more than a few sleepless nights for Kirk Cage and his right hand man Vince Dubrowski. Given her magical nature and access to tech and travel methods previously out of reach, Candi's attacks have begun taking a ruinous toll on Cage Corp. holdings. Recent whispers among Sharkhead's workers say that she's even tangled with the coral-animated slag golems and come out on top more often than not. The Scrapyarders are too jaded and cynical to believe in any kind of "second coming of Scrapyard", but even if she doesn't deliver them to a new life, more than a few think she has what it takes to end Kirk and his consortium, one way or another.



  • Candi has not made any attempts to contact her cousin Crash, but given Crash's association with the Circle of Thorns, as well as as rumored associations with the rogue mystic Darrin Wade, that's not entirely surprising.
  • Candi viewed Scrapyard as the 'cool uncle' she always wanted, and even though he's dead, she and he will still get into the occasional sparring match. So far he's wiped the floor with her every time, but he keeps encouraging her.
  • Picking the name "Crush" for an alias was calculated: A good portion of her activities get mistakenly laid at the feet of Crash Cage, costing Cage Consortium valuable time chasing down the wrong lead when trying to figure out if it was Crash or Crush responsible for the latest damage.