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Beatriz da Fontaine
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The Girl from Ipanema
· Mutation Stalker ·
Player: Archiviste
Real Name
Beatriz Anna Valentina Allegra da Fontaine
Bea, (former) Miss Behavin'
May 5th, 2000
São Paulo, Brazil
Brazilian citizen
Steel Canyon, Paragon City, RI
Licensed meta-human, (former) Student at IEMEV - Specialty Institute of Veterinary Medicine (Sao Paulo campus), (former) Hero Corps operative.
Legal Status
No criminal record
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Rodrigo Maldonado da Fontaine (father), Maria Isabel da Silva (mother, deceased), Carlos Carvalho (Uncle), Ana Francisca da Silva Carvalho (aunt), Miguel Carvalho (cousin), Matteo and Fernanda (godparents).
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
111 lbs
Powers & Abilities
Psionic Melee
Power Pools
Fighting, Flight
· Known Powers ·
(see "Powers" section below)
· Equipment ·
Blood sugar level monitoring / Glucogon-drip device (in belt)
· Other Abilities ·
Speaks Portuguese and English, Mechanical aptitudes
Super Group
Young Warriors
Staff (Lieutenant)
· Other Affiliations ·
(former) Guardians of Tomorrow, (former) Hero Corps Founder's Falls

Character Information

... Enfrente, Tigre... você atingiu o jackpot...


Early years

Beatriz Anna Valentina Allegra da Fontaine (Bea for short) was born in São Paulo (Brazil), the daughter of Rodrigo Maldonado da Fontaine and Maria Isabel da Silva. Her mother died in a car accident when Bea was four years old, and her father - a successful cattle rancher - raised Bea alone on the family's farm.

As the only child of a fortunate single parent, Bea lived a mostly pampered life, dividing her time between school, her duties on the ranch, and trips to the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, until her mutant powers surfaced at age 13.

After a period of adaptation and counseling, she grew accustomed to her new abilities. After that, however, she used them sparingly, mostly her enhanced strength and durability to deal with beach bullies or her "imperceptibility" power to avoid confrontations.


Bea is usually easygoing and friendly, relying on her "imperceptibility" power to avoid confrontation, but she can be stubborn and passionate about specific subjects.

As the only child of a fortunate single parent, Bea has lived a mostly pampered life so far. Rodrigo da Fontaine doted on his daughter and hardly refused her anything. Despite this, Bea did not grow up a spoiled brat; she has shown kindness to those less fortunate or more socially awkward than her and has an intense dislike of sadists, bullies, and braggarts. She got used to being ogled on the beach during her many stays in Ipanema and Copacabana. Anything further, she would physically pick up the offending Lothario and toss him as far as she could into the sea. After a few times, word got around to "avoid the crazy redhead chick," but someone would always try his luck and say something rude, and then she would have to teach him "politeness."...

Bea has no genuine interest in social media, preferring to be outdoors rather than stuck in front of a computer. She learned about the best-known American heroes, like Senhora Liberdade (Ms. Liberty), Aço Azul (Blue Steel), Flecha Vermelha (Manticore), Senhora Valquíria (Valkyrie), Citadela (Citadel), or Luminância (Luminary), from watching news reports on Brazilian TV. Apart from those news reports, she did not watch much TV at the ranch.

Hospitals bring back bad memories: she watched her mother die in a hospital emergency ward after that tragic car crash.

When she is emotionally distressed, Bea's 'tell' is biting her lower lip; when asked, Bea will claim that she is 'o-kay' even if she is definitely not OK. Severe stress or emotional trauma will prompt her to use her perception manipulation abilities to "disappear."

Her father used to playfully call her a "silly goose" (gansa boba) when she did something rather foolish. Bea has taken the habit of admonishing herself and (teasingly) others similarly.

She was raised a Catholic and is still deeply religious.

Bea likes Brazilian football, which she played when she was younger, and often teases her teammates that American futebol is not real futebol. She also likes to play volleyball.

She doesn't like pickles, math, or horror movies.


Bea's mutant powers are psionic:

  • She can become "imperceptible" by manipulating the perceptions of those around her - people cannot see, hear, or otherwise notice her unless she interacts with them. Technically, she does not become invisible and could still be recorded by any surveillance devices. The range of this power has yet to be determined. It is not always on, but it is as intuitive as reactive; it will be triggered when frightened, embarrassed, sad, etc.
  • As a side effect of this power, she can distort perceptions: targets will act confused, drop their defenses, and even attack their allies. Although Bea cannot control other people's minds that way, one of her irrational fears is that her popularity is due mainly to her powers "pushing" people to like her. She has otherwise no particular psychic abilities or defenses.
  • She can surround herself with a body-wide telekinetic field that will prevent most if not all, damage done by blunt/bladed weapons or small-arms fire. Like her "imperceptibility" power, this field comes on instinctively. However, she can still be harmed if she is overwhelmed or lets her concentration slip.
  • She uses that same TK field to simulate enhanced strength (e.g., tossing a man twice her size by a hundred yards). She has also learned to use it on herself consciously, and by pushing against a solid mass like the ground, she can "fly." However, using her TK field is incredibly tiring and can cause a hypoglycemic episode.
  • She can create intangible psionic "blades" that temporarily disrupt her opponents' nervous systems (or the electrical systems of constructs). She instinctively knows how to wield these "blades," but she is otherwise untrained in bladed weapons.

One serious drawback is that using her powers for any prolonged time depletes her blood sugar levels, leaving her suffering from effects resembling hypoglycemia. Therefore, she needs to keep a supply of glucagon or glucose tablets on herself for emergencies (fruit juices might work in a pinch).


Bea keeps herself in good physical shape, and she is an expert swimmer.

She is not techno-savvy but is good at maintaining and repairing mechanical devices as complex as a combustion engine. She learned this by helping to take care of the machinery around her father's ranch.

Bea's native tongue is Portuguese. However, she speaks English with a slight accent, often inserting Portuguese expressions into her conversation.


Since she arrived in Paragon City, she has been chiefly wearing casual clothing rather than the usual "hero costume" while on patrols since her TK field is usually enough to protect her body and whatever she is wearing. While her father was under witness protection during his testimony in Brazil, she was asked by the FBSA to "keep a low profile," and she experimented with a few costumes to conceal her identity. Once the trial was over and her father moved to Paragon City, she settled on jeans, a loose-sleeved top with the image of the Brazilian flag, and her distinctive white cowboy hat (which belonged to her grandfather).

She usually wears a multi-purpose belt with pouches to hold the blood sugar level monitor/glucagon dispensing apparatus her former teammate Galvanic Girl devised for her, glucose tablets, and her cell phone.

Bea usually wears a small silver cross on a silver chain - it was a gift from her father, and the cross was blessed by her São Paulo parish priest, Pastor Augusta.

Stories and Fiction

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