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Artbreaker 1.png
Her unassuming "stealth" form
Player: @Belah Nain
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: Rising
Personal Data
Real Name: Samantha "Sam" Dorset
Known Aliases: Artbreaker, The Cleaner, The Maid of Malice, The Housekeeper from Hell
Species: Human
Age: Unknown
Height: Variable
Weight: Variable
Eye Color: Variable
Hair Color: Variable
Biographical Data
Nationality: Rogue Isles Citizen
Occupation: Professional Vandal, Professional Dancer
Place of Birth: St. Martial, Rogue Isles
Base of Operations: St. Martial
Marital Status: HA!
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Superhuman strength, size/mass shifting, empathic sustenance, entropic aura
Known Abilities
Superb physical dexterity and damage resistance, strength increases in proportion to situation
Magically-enhanced hammer and shield that can transform into a variety of shapes
Closely associated with the organizations Bells Demoralisation and Demolishment and Demolition Divas

Little Miss Homewrecker

"And we all got up individually and thought 'Okay, let's go over there and destroy the place'."

The Family. The Tsoo. The Carnival of Shadows. Cray Industries. The Cage Consortium. All groups with deep roots, deep pockets, and very wealthy patrons. All groups with leadership steeped in old money, high society, and a casual disregard for anybody they consider beneath their notice.

Sometimes it's the things you never notice that can be the most deadly. This is where Samantha Dorset steps in. She is a woman who targets the rich and powerful in their pocketbooks. And she does so in spectacular fashion.

While most of her life is unknown, we know that her specialty is sabotage and demolition: Hired to infiltrate a home, office, private collection, museum, or other facility under the form of an unassuming, petite maid; once she has located and disabled the security system she will transform into a much larger form and destroy everything she can get her hands on.

Maid to Destroy

"If all else fails, the contents of the vault will be dropped into a bunker fifty feet underground. The elevator shaft will then be filled with liquid epoxy that will cure in a matter of minutes, generating a not-inconsiderable amount of heat, which would also dissuade would-be looters. You would need a tallboy bomb and a Merkava IV working together to gain unauthorized access."

As her name would imply, Artbreaker specializes in more rare, valuable items than simple mass destruction. Trained as an art historian and restorer, while nothing on a job escapes her destructive touch, she takes more satisfaction and pleasure out of making "special examples" of particularly valuable pieces. During her infiltration phase when she's casing a target, not only does she identify the most valuable targets, she identifies the methods used to protect and conceal them so that she can more easily gain access to them when it's time for the "loud" phase of the job.

A Guardian Angel(?)

"Biomechanical is tearing their hair out again. Looks like another 'empowerment' from our favorite chaos-bringer. I guess the good news is that MAGI is getting yelled at even more than we are."

Enhanced beyond her normal "smash and bash" physical presence with the aid of Belah Nain, Artbreaker's abilities have expanded to an "entropic field" which renders anything within a three meter radius extra-brittle and susceptible to damage. This effect can be limited to specific targets in her area of effect, but has made her that much more effective at ensuring zero recovery or salvage of anything she wants to damage. In addition she can draw additional health, stamina, and power from violent or destructive desires of people near her. Very useful when brawling her way into or out of a situation.

Belah has also gifted her with her current tool of choice: A hammer that can take the form of anything she desires. In her disguised form it looks like a simple cleaning broom, but can change into a massive weapon with a studded head for extra crushing power. Other exhibited forms include various mauls and clubs

Allies and Enemies

With her general attitude, methodology, and semi-covert abilities, she has worked closely with other groups in the area, such as Bells Demoralisation and Demolishment, hiring on as an independent contractor for infiltration. Otherwise she's often seen dancing on stage with the Demolition Divas, where she will often turn her staff into a chromed dancing pole and impale an unfortunate engine block to use as a base. (Assuming she doesn't just keep the studded, smashing form.)

Her specialization and targets of preference have made her several powerful enemies; especially those with moneyed interests: The Family, Cage Consortium, Crey, and the Carnival of Shadows all hate her with a passion, and have offered increasingly lucrative bounties on her head. Despite these bounties, most of the well-to-do in Paragon and the Rogue Isles often fail to do any due diligence when it comes to background checks, underestimating the slight woman in the cleaning clothes, often just seeing her as "the help", and giving her full access. Anything she's not granted direct access to, she can usually gain through indirect means. If all else fails, brute force never does.


  • Sam in her smashing form
  • With her favorite wrecking bar


While we have no hard facts on the reasons for her destructive motivations versus more profit-oriented goals, we can make a few speculations:

  • Ties to Belah Nain and the Demolition Divas club could mean she is simply destroying for fun, as well as gaining increased physical power with each major and minor act of vandalism.
  • She may be running a "long con" style operation, with possible ties to security consultation firms tasked (and paid kingly sums) for protecting a client's property. Conversely, she may be working to discredit certain firms. As clients are tight-lipped about who they hire, and the firms are equally quiet about who hires them, much more aggressive research may be needed if this is deemed an avenue worth investigating.
  • Given her relatively low security clearance, she may also be overplaying her hand, attempting to make a big splash and name for herself with high-risk, high-reward activities.