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Originicon natural.png Archetypeicon sentinel.png
CreateSymbol Vigilante.png
Player: @Clairvoya
Origin: Natural
Archetype: Sentinel
Security Level: 50
Server: Everlasting
Personal Data
Real Name: Arystaria Aquara
Known Aliases: Aquara
Species: Sahyrian (Sea Elf)
Age: 127 (Young adult in elf years)
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Teal
Biographical Data
Nationality: Sasharan
Occupation: Former princess
Education: Tutored by Sashara's finest
Place of Birth: Atlantic Ocean, Praetorian Earth
Hometown: Sashara
Base of Operations: N/A
Marital Status: Unwed, single
Known Relatives: Terystaria & Falatharian Aquara (Mother & Father)
Known Powers
Control over water and tidal forces, gift of precognition, telepathy & psychic assault.
Known Abilities
Pulling water from the atmosphere around her to utilize in high pressure attacks and manipulation of temperature, able to see a few moments into the future or even further with proper meditation and ritual adherence, can speak telepathically to creatures she can see in relatively close proximity (but can not be replied to unless the creature can use telepathy), able to speak (telepathically) with and understand sea creatures, can psychically assault a creature's synapses in close range.
Breastplate of Danyra; a magically imbued breastplate passed down through the royal Aquara family, belonging to the first Queen of Sashara, Danyra Aquara. Runes inscribed along the inside of the plate produce a protective shield. It is effective against bullets and (non-magical) blades alike.


Former princess of the now destroyed and abandoned civilization of Sashara, Arystaria Aquara is a refugee from Praetoria after it fell to Hamidon's Devouring Earth. In a foreign world similar yet so very different from her own, she seeks to find a place within Primal Earth where she belongs.


Standing several inches taller than an average human woman, Arystaria immediately stands out in a crowd of humans due to her vibrant green and blonde colored scales across the entirety of her body that seem to glimmer when light hits them. Long, teal hair falls straight down to the middle of her back. Most notably are her glacier blue eyes which shine due to a protective film which all sea elves of Sashara are born with to allow them clear vision beneath the waves of the ocean. On the back of her webbed feet are large fins which aid in traversing underwater territories.


Arystaria carries herself with a poise befitting a member of royalty. When she speaks, it is with much forethought to her chosen words; a product of her education in public speaking. While well versed in Sasharan culture, she finds herself shyer when attempting to speak with humans, especially those from Primal Earth (or any other dimension beyond Praetorian Earth's.) Despite this difference in cultures, she remains friendly and approachable, qualities benefiting the role of ambassador which she played on her home world when interacting with citizens of the Empire.

In the past, she was quick to judge others for their actions. However, after the destruction of her civilization and home at the hands of the Devouring Earth, she has slowly but surely become more forgiving and open to differences of culture after becoming a refugee. Benevolent in nature, yet vengeful when scorned, she, like most of her kind, is wont to hold grudges due to the long lifespan of her species. She attempts to follow the laws of Paragon City where she believes them to be fair and just, although she is quick to skirt them when they do not align with her own morals.


Life Beneath the Sea

Arystaria's childhood was filled with perceived mundane tasks and lessons, issued by her mother in an attempt to groom her for the throne one day in the distant future. Tutors regarded the unruly child as a nuisance, constantly having to find and drag her to classes meant to educate her on various subjects, notably the arcane, intrigue, mathematics, biology (of sea elves and sea creatures), and (Sasharan) laws. When she reached the first half-century of her life, her tutoring expanded to include training in her races natural talent to manipulate water and utilize her psychic powers.

Overprotective parenting led her to have very few friends as she grew. Despite this, the few times she could escape the palace she found a friend in the boy, Delineth who raised large seahorse steeds for the Sasharan army. Much to the chagrin of her family, Arystaria would escape her duties with Delineth on seahorseback, traversing the coral fields surrounding Sashara where they shared stories of their vastly different lives. Through these interactions did Arystaria come to truly understand the lives of the common folk in her nation, and helped to shape her approach to social affairs as a member of the royal family.

Ambassador of Sashara

The Hamidon Wars marked a dark era in Praetorian history, one which Arystaria was keenly aware about after a trip to the surface world with Delineth. After witnessing pockets of the destruction of humanity at the hands of the Devouring Earth, the images of suffering were engraved within her mind. Barely escaping the clutches of a devourer, she and Delineth returned to Sashara where she began to make plans to aid the survivors. This act of benevolence was cut short by the stern reprimanding of her mother, who reminded her that the world above and theirs below were not to mingle.

Even so, Arystaria was determined, and refused to stand idly by as the world above was ravaged. After several heated arguments with her guardians, it became clear that she would not be dissuaded. She could either go with Sashara's blessings, or go without them. The king and queen decided that this would be a learning experience for her; that she would see the corruption of man for what it is, and eventually return home to them. And so did they tentatively bless her as an ambassador of her people. Donning the Breastplate of Danyra and saying farewell to her home beneath the ocean, she journeyed forth to the surface to provide what aid she could.

It was during a dangerous encounter protecting one of the surviving groups of humans from the Devouring Earth was she discovered by the Empire. The IDF unit she worked with to aid these survivors viewed her questionably from the start, but a level headed sergeant in charge of the unit seemed willing to accept her aid, only if she was willing to return with them to Praetoria City and register within the Powers Division. Feeling as though this fell in line with her duties as an ambassador, she capitulated and followed them to the last shining beacon of hope for mankind in a world overtaken by nature itself.

Interrogation first soured her view of the Empire, as the PPD were eager to discover whether or not she and her kind were a threat to the city. With great effort, she managed to convince the authorities to allow her to aid in the protection of the city itself, albeit under heavy surveillance. To her surprise, however, she spent much of her time aiding the PPD not with the fight against Hamidon, but instead against those they called criminals who sought to tear down the civilization that Emperor Cole sought to build. Syndicate, Resistance, Destroyers; the list seemed to sprawl on and on of groups she faced and brought to justice within Praetoria.

A Whole New World

The more time Arystaria spent within Praetoria City, the more she saw the grime beneath the polish of the so-called utopia. There were many aspects of the Empire that she did genuinely appreciate. The populace was provided with their day-to-day needs, with no requirements to work just to survive in this battered world. People were encouraged to pursue educations in various kinds of arts; expressions of humanity which Arystaria found endearing. Crime, while existing, was far less than she imagined in such a culturally diverse mix of humans. What the Empire had accomplished, it had accomplished well.

Yet, at the same time, there were the signs glaring all around her, warning of the dystopia which lay beneath the shining surface. Dissenters of the regime's methods were summarily detained and disposed of to the Behavioral Adjustment Facility. Psychics were rounded up for rehabilitation within the suspicious Seer program. The Clockwork were outfitted with dangerous weaponry, and the mysterious appearance of Ghouls within the tunnels below left many questions as to their origins. All of these problems, her talents were pitted against, yet the looming threat of the Devouring Earth remained ever so distant.

Until it wasn't. It seemed so sudden, the explosion of Hamidon's forces from the underground. In a matter of moments, the Empire which took years to build up was torn down in a display of chaos, destruction, and death. When it became clear that the city was lost no matter how hard she fought back, the frightened and bloodied princess of Sashara had no choice but to escape through the portals being offered by emissaries of Primal Earth to rescue those they could from the wanton mayhem.

Primal Earth was hardly welcoming of the new refugees. Protestors lined the isle sanctuary which they were stationed, and Calvin Scott's revolutionary forces defamed the Praetorians even further, ever considered a threat to the people of Paragon City. It didn't help that Arystaria's outward appearance was so very alienating to the humans who she now needed to coexist with. Jaded by the authorities of the Empire, she reluctantly found work aiding the PPD of Paragon City with their own slew of criminal activity, but this time she remains highly critical of the powers that be, and continues to do so to this day.



Aquara has led a storied life within the world of Praetoria. She has aided the PPD in Praetoria City, fighting crime involving Syndicate, Destroyer, and/or Resistance members. Perhaps you aided her, or maybe you were even a member of the opposing factions?


A child of the sea, Arystaria has explored many parts of the Atlantic Ocean, and even visited sailors on the ocean's surface. Are you also a seafaring individual? It's possible they met upon waves or beneath them! She has a particularly long life span, so time works in our favor.

Vigilante of Paragon

She finds herself often aiding the PPD of Paragon City with capturing various criminals. For heroes; they perhaps teamed up once or saw each other in action? For villains; it's possible she foiled one of your plans, or you've heard of her through Paragon news.

Out-of-Character Notes

Hi, I'm @Clairvoya! Thanks for taking the time to view Aquara's page. I'm open to most types of RP, but for darker themes I'd prefer a content warning. If you do not respect women or members of the LGBT community, your RP is best suited elsewhere.

I look forward to the opportunity to write scenes with you!