Aly Driscoll

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Profile Aly Driscoll.png
Aly Driscoll
Player: Adriellyn
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Mastermind
Security Level: 50
Server: Everlasting
Personal Data
Real Name: Alexis (Aly) Driscoll
Known Aliases: None
Species: Presumed Human
Age: 27*
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 102 lbs
Eye Color: Obscured by glow
Hair Color: White and black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Confidential
Occupation: Hero
Place of Birth: Imperial City, Praetorian Earth
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Dark Dimensional
Known Abilities
Teleportation, Shadow manipulation (minor), Fear, Summoning
Light body armor, Communications headset, sometimes Power Armor
Taking mail at the Daybreak Initiative. Actual residence unclear

Aly Driscoll is a refugee from Praetorian Earth. Her public information (on file with the FBSA) says that she has powers of magical origin, and lists her age as 27. That age has a footnote marker, however, that leads to restricted pages. Her place of residence was updated in early 2019 to be the Paragon City School for Gifted Youngsters, which is a hero-training academy built up out of property acquisition on the eastern edge of Kings Row. She has also been listed as a part of The Daybreak Initiative since mid-2020. Her official residence was a flea-bag in Kings Row for a while, but since early 2021 has been in an apartment in the Row.

Publicly Available Information

(The basics of her FBSA registration are, of course, public, though the public portion is sparse. Otherwise, most of what's known about her comes from the supers-related gossip columns.)

Gossip Column Excerpt

Aly Driscoll is often seen dancing and chatting in that infamous club, the Pocket D. At 4'11" and a bit on the thin side, only the glowing about her eyes and her obvious comm device make it look like this young woman has any business being out on her own. Her appearance otherwise makes her seem too young for that - or to be dressed the way she is - despite how her carriage implies sufficient confidence for it.

In early 2021, she took up with a waitress / barmaid, and apparently moved in with her. There were about seventy Skulls arrested by her summoned helpers then, and some of them were scared straight, saying that they'd met the real goddess of darkness that night.

Deeper Background

(Special access or other information sources would be required to know this data.)


Her official ID lists her as being 27 (with a birthday of 6 May). She claims (with no supporting documentation) that this is effectively courtesy of the Powers Division, from some undercover work they had her doing "back when". The day is right, but the year is off by six. In other words, she claims to be (now) 21. The FBSA knows of the discrepancy, but the current case-load of supervising agents (including some who are getting quite grumpy about putting children in the front lines) made certain supervisors decide to take advantage of the situation. As such, while admonishing her to keep from getting herself into trouble with her official-but-possibly-fake ID, they used it to their advantage so as not to have to assign her a guardian or get her declared as an emancipated minor. Since all of that would have been complicated by the fact that she's a recent arrival from Praetoria anyway, they took the easy way out. As the official date is also the only one with supporting evidence beyond just her word, it's hard to say they were wrong.

She's had some "assimilation training" from the FBSA, as they typically do with inter-dimensional arrivals, but she's found that didn't really cover what she felt she needed to know. Between that, and the loss of educational opportunity caused by circumstances "back home", she searched for a suitable school on her own. Her former boarding-school residence reflects the results of that search, and the school knows her claimed real age, as well as the circumstances which led to her official age. Her transient hotel residence implied some sort of graduation, though she's still seen at the school from time to time. Her relationship with the barmaid Tasha Rua seems to be stable, which might surprise some who've known Aly.


She was not quite thirteen when her family was attacked by Resistance crusaders, because of her father's work in Neuron's labs. His normal travel routine for work made him a difficult target, and the extremists wanted to "send a message" to other employees anyway, by means of the threat to their families. Only Aly survived, and the attack was something she has referred to as "magical toxic waste". It left her changed, and marked by the two-toned hair (which is not just cosmetic) and the glowing eyes, as well as the affinity for a shadowy sub-dimension which she is slowly learning more about accessing.