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Origin: Mutation
Archetype: Controller
Threat Level: 1-54
Personal Data
Real Name: Faux DeCoy
Known Aliases: Counterfeit
Species: Human
Age: mid-late 20s
Height: approximately 6'2"
Weight: roughly 180-190 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Thief
Place of Birth: New Orleans, LA
Base of Operations: Rogue Isles
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Imposter (father)

Mockery (mother)

Known Powers
Known Abilities
Can create counterfeit duplicates of himself, illusion control, teleportation
Traps, Arachnos Mace, Money bag
Counterfeit is the field leader (Lookout) of the Getaways villain group

Character Creation/Player Notes

Counterfeit was originally created on Virtue server in the later days prior to the game’s sunset but rarely saw play past level 20. The character served as an antagonist in many unpublished AE missions until I finally decided to bring him into my list of character alts. While I played almost exclusively blue side in the days of live, I brought the character to the homecoming server to explore my missed opportunities exploring red side villain content. With upgrades to the customization of phantom army I was able to give Counterfeit a more unique and custom appearance that better suited the character. Counterfeit has become a favorite character in my growing list of alts. He is the influence behind my villain group the Getaways and my expanding rogues gallery of villains. Counterfeit has become my most recognized character and I greatly appreciate all the attention and compliments this character receives, thank you!


A born criminal legacy of the notorious DeCoy family. His father the legendary shapeshifter and conman known as the Imposter and his mother the apocryphal villainess named Mockery. When his power to create clone duplicates of himself manifested, Faux was trained by both parents to exploit his gifts for financial gain. He became a master counterfeiter of currency and identification papers by the time he finished high school and his criminal resume expanded to bank robbery and safe cracking in place of a college education. Faux created a band of thieves known as the Krewe and recruited members from some of the other crime families of New Orleans. The Krewe had a successful run of heists until they were disbanded due to unforseen circumstances. At the end of the Krewe's final job Faux discovered on of his duplicates had become sentient and turned on the team, trying to keep the score for himself. This sentient dupe became known as False and had to be put down. Killing one of his own duplicates took a toll on Faux and he disbanded the team and left New Orleans. He became a drifter running odd jobs with small groups here and there, outside and far away of his hometown of New Orleans.

Following the death of his mother, Faux’s father drowned himself in his work and disappeared into his criminal activities (currently believed to be on a job, caught up in the long-con playing his mark). Faux spiraled out of control without the guidance of his family. After a botched bank job he was incarcerated in the Ziggursky Penitentiary until his early release for bad behavior, thanks to Arachnos. Faux thrived under the Arachnos umbrella for a time after forging his way onto their list of destined ones and learning the patron powers of mace mastery from Black Scorpion.

When Arachnos discovered Faux forged his way onto their list of destined ones, they abandoned him mid heist during a bank robbery to become their scapegoat. Faux barricaded himself in the vault and fought off the PPD Swat Commander known as Breach and his team for as long as he could. Just as Swat officers enter the vault, the Getaways arrive to provide the villain with an escape and invitation to join their ranks. (The visor on Counterfeit’s costume is the power scanner worn by Breach in The Getaways: The Origin Missions, taken and worn as a trophy to commemorate his first Getaway).

The Krewe

A New Orleans based band of thieves. Formed by Faux DeCoy, the Krewe was a collection of criminals recruited from the major crime families to work in syndicate. The group pulled many successful jobs until they were betrayed by the sentient rogue duplicate known as False and disbanded to move on to independent success within their own personal organizations.

Years later members of the Krewe would return in the AE mission titled The Getaways: Friend or Faux. Some retaining their honor amongst thieves traditions while others join a resurrected False to collect a hit placed against Counterfeit.

Members: Faux DeCoy (Counterfeit), Bijou Antionette (Beads), Lisette/Lis (Fleur-De-Lis), Kiss Goodnight, Baron Samedi, Love Potion, Pelican, Gator, False (rogue duplicate of Faux Decoy/Praetorian Faux DeCoy).

New Orleans crime families/villain groups: The Krewe, Crescent City, Voodoo Dolls, Boil Boys.

The Getaways

Faux’s rise through the Arachnos organization caught the attention of a former DeCoy family associate, the Accomplice. The Accomplice recruited Faux to join his heist crew of villains the Getaways. On his rise through the Getaways, Faux would become the criminal known as Counterfeit and advance to the rank of field leader/lookout. Trained in the art of deception, Faux would become skilled in the use of deadly traps, illusions, and the ability to teleport across distances. When combining these new skills with his ability to create duplicates, Counterfeit would rise as the ultimate getaway man.

Firebrand Island

Counterfeit would grow in notoriety throughout the criminal underground. Through a network of criminal resources, Counterfeit and the Getaways would find themselves under the employment of the pirate Izick and Firebrand Island (a red side, floating island, scrap pile, and market in the Atlantic Ocean). The Getaways operate the shop known as New Face, specializing in altering egos for criminals in search of a new identity.