Clash Ruby

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Clash Ruby.jpeg
Clash Ruby
Player: @Corlagon
Origin: Originicon natural.png Natural
Archetype: Archetypeicon sentinel.png Sentinel
Security Level: Align Status Hero.png 9
Server: Reunion
Personal Data
Real Name: Clara Ruby
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: Confidential
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Color: Confidential
Hair Color: Confidential
Biographical Data
Nationality: United States of America
Occupation: Professional Hero, mercenary
Place of Birth: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Confidential
Known Relatives: Confidential
Known Powers
Known Abilities
Various combat skills, primarily gunfighting and ninjutsu
No additional information available.

Clash Ruby is a Heroic Sentinel on Reunion. Her Power Sets are Dual Pistols and Ninjutsu.

Character History

Clara Queen Shanika Róisín Ruby is a Cleveland native of mixed ancestry. The daughter of a local crime lord, she acquired the nickname Clash at some point during her youth. Following graduation, she became more involved with her father's empire, being expected to eventually become one of his top lieutenants.

During that time, however, a weaker crime boss gave Mr. Ruby a special present: an ancient idol. Allegedly a token of friendship, it had actually been cursed by a magician: After having been exposed to the idol long enough, Ruby would suffer bad luck to the point where his little empire would completely fall apart. The curse was specifically tailored to his DNA, so his rivals wouldn't be affected themselves.

It may or may not have been this curse, but Clash was uncomfortable in the presence of ruthless racketeers and murderers. Realizing she couldn't get over it, she decided that her father was a horrible person and needed to be brought down. Working with a friend, she collected evidence, sent it to the police, took some valuables and fled the country.

Among these valuables she eventually sold, however, was the aforementioned idol, and being a child of its intended victim, she was afflicted with its curse as well, albeit a weaker, not outright malevolent form. Or perhaps some cosmic entity simply decided to make her their plaything. Whatever the reason, she was now a major weirdness magnet.

During the years that followed, Clash Ruby was a rogue and adventurer wandering the world. Not getting used to following the law, but not comfortable with blatant injustice, either, she experienced various misadventures, mostly working as a mercenary and conning people who were disproportionately rich and/or obnoxious antisocials, occasionally befriending or simply working with other adventurers. At times, she would end up with far more money than she needed, and give the lion's share to some charity.

And as a result of her curse, whenever there was a chance of her current adventure becoming bizarre in some way, it probably did so. Thus, Clash would meet and fight creatures believed long extinct or outright fictional. She would be transformed into a chicken, get shrunken down to the size of a pixie, be transformed into a child, find work commenting Australian football matches, become a lycanthrope, be a major hero's sidekick, acquire superpowers of her own, get sent into a world inhabited by fictional characters, be transformed into a mermaid, befriend a celebrity who turned out to be a god or alien in human guise, have her brain be put into a robotic body, find work at construction sites, be transformed into a giant turtle woman, be ennobled … well, we unfortunately lack the time to tell it all, but you probably get the idea. Notably, few of these conditions lasted longer than a couple of weeks or months before getting reversed for one reason or another, with barely any lasting damage. All these wacky experiences eventually gave Clash a seen-it-all attitude, but she kept on adventuring because she assumed anything else could only bore her.

Eventually, while living in England, Clash screwed over an ominous man who turned out to be a fairy and punished her by giving her magic powers she would feel forced to use to help other people. Over the following months, she found herself in Paragon City, becoming a minor part of the local community of Heroes.

With the help of MAGI, Clash managed to get rid of the fairy curse. But she had acquired a liking for straight heroing, just not for the compulsion, and decided to keep fighting the good fight employing affordable but customizable pistols and her experience. Whether her weirdness curse is gone, too, only time will tell.

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