Catherine "Cat" Grey

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Cat Grey
Player: @Therra Arcson
Origin: Science
Archetype: Warshade
Security Level: 50
Server: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Catherine Hope Grey
Known Aliases: Cat, Chicago Cat, Allie
Species: Human / Kheldian (Warshade)
Age: Mid=late 20s
Height: 5'8
Weight: 130-ish
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Brunette
Biographical Data
Nationality: US national
Occupation: Private investigator
Place of Birth: Chicago, IL
Base of Operations: Chicago
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Mother, father. Adopted into kantu'a Ta'ala rabbit family.
Known Powers
Warshade normal
Known Abilities
.38 revolver, phone, investigative equipment


Cat grew up in Chicago, daughter of Michael and Amanda Grey. Michael was a beat cop, son of another beat cop. They'd been patrolling the streets since before Capone knew the city existed. Michael and Amanda had resigned themselves to just having themselves to grow old with 'til Cat came along, with Amanda nearly 40. They wasted no time doting on her - and neither did the rest of her "blue" family from the precinct. She grew up knowing she'd follow her father into the force. Granted, "her dad's a cop" kind of messed up her dating and being invited to parties growing up.

The Force

"... but you are not a Jedi yet." ... wait, wrong thing.

Cat knew - despite some misgivings from her mother - that she'd follow her father onto the Chicago PD. Misgivings or not, they were proud of her when she graduated from the academy and joined the precinct - even as her father was growing uneasy with the way things were going. She served briefly with her father until he suddenly took early retirement, telling her to keep her wits about her.

For Cat's side, she was getting along with most everyone. She was learning the job and learning about everyone, heading out to the bar with the gang afterward, getting move to patrols. But as much as she wanted to feel at home, she also picked up that there was something... wrong. Evidence missing or mishandled, the occasional arrest seeming to be ignored, busts warned off. Cops directed away from certain areas. She started realizing there were patterns here.

And she started sticking her nose into it.

She started really looking around and realizing her own biases towards the people she was working with. She started noticing she was being watched - at least she was pretty sure she was. That the more she looked around, the less she was being welcomed out with people. That she was the one being directed away from certain areas and people. And that she hit brick walls and glass ceilings in some of her own investigations.

Cat started looking out on her own, occasionally getting 'sick' to check a few things out. What she found was a network - one seemingly tied to an organized crime family. One moving guns and drugs - and people.

And then she was offered a choice, a carrot or a stick. A rather generous unofficial boost to her income, or... well, her family - and where they lived - that wasn't exactly a secret. And a young woman in a dangerous business, well... anything could happen. She'd have a day to make her decision.

She did. She told her supervisor - who assured her, well, that was a test. She did the right thing. IA did that, sometimes. Congrats, kid.

Cat didn't believe that for a second, but she played along - then mentioned it to the captain, along with the odd movements. Being kept away from things. He fed her the same line. And for her not being in on certain busts? Well, he had to apologize. She was Mike's daughter, she was a good cop but they wanted to keep her safe. Surely she'd understand that.

The bust

Fallout and Allie

The precinct was down, as was the smuggling ring. There would be a lot of very uncomfortable, very public trials.




Stranger things - side notes and quirks

Cat's got quite a collection of pulp detective novels. Every once in a while she'll break into a "It was as quiet as it got in the city. Sirens blaring, traffic roaring in the distance and the ice in my glass of rotgut clinking away like a gambler's dice..." sort of intro.

Cat seems to be deliberately behind the times. Her overhead projector ("Hey, it can't be hacked!") and paper files seem to ... amuse, if not bewilder, her friends.

She's got an ... outfit, from somewhere. She's not sure where. Well made, protective, cape and all. It seemed to just show up, and everyone who's looked at it says it's definitely for her. She even feels different - like she should be leading something, and she's missing someone, when she has it on. So she doesn't wear it often. It feels a bit overwhelming.

Even if given it freely, she's very reluctant to take money from people. Fees for a job are one thing. "Here, go get your self some things, the card's got a six digit limit" is another. She'll usually have to be pushed into actually *using* stuff like that for herself. Even if it means she doesn't have much in the bank account.

Allie has a distinct personality, when she comes out, and will make full use of the fact she's energy to transfer information wirelessly to phones or speak over speakers.

Cat is ... "at risk" when it comes to alcohol. Especially if depressed or hurting, she'll sometimes succumb to the urge to crawl into a bottle and need help to get out. Sometimes she and Allie feed off of each others various failings and fall *really* fast. She'll have a hard time responding to help and concern until she wants to listen.

Friends, Allies, Enemies

Aside from her family and Allie, she *has* actually made friends since coming here.

Wylde Fyre - Mel's the one who's managed to yank Cat out of a bottle and give her a direction at least once. There are times Cat wonders just how they became friends - but she doesn't regret it for a second.

Platinum Diva - Second of the trio, Cat tends to find her the easiest to talk to about just everyday "stuff."

LGN-06 - One she'd hate to have to try to explain to her father. Elle's many things, at least sixty of them confusing, but she's a loyal friend.

Xeden - Cat considers him the first friend she made on coming to Paragon. Given they pretty much worked at cutting down Pocket D's beer supply and not talking much, that's odd to say - but she's still concerned about him. And wondering why she expects him to have an eyepatch. Most of all, she sees a lot of friends from the force in the way he's ended up, and the times they do run into each other - well, it's usually quiet...ish. But she's comfortable there.

The Kantu'a - Space rabbits. No, she's not kidding. Blue. Basil, the Amazing Bunnford. Harvey, the Bunn with a Gun. Not only are they friends, but somehow she's found herself adopted by them - finding out she was an only child was something to be fixed, *now.* She adores her new family. And yes, legally, she's a rabbit of the Ta'ala family.

Grace de la Hache and Prinzeps - Labeled as "terrorists," these two are formerly owned clones who are fighting for others of their sort to be able to have actual lives and be recognized as people. Prinzeps - or Pri - is out living on her own, and Cat's doing her level best to help her out.

Crystal Dragon - Another one of the circle of friends that sometimes makes Cat wonder when her life became so odd. Still, Crys is a caring friend. Big heart. And Cat's fond of Crys and her youngest, Cloudberry.

- More to add...

IC commentary

(Feel free to edit this section if you know, work with, worked against, etc. Cat. IC comments only!)

"Oh, you mean Cat? Space Cat? Hell yeah, she's awesome! I love working with her. She's got a great sense of humor and has a really relaxed vibe to be around. Hope she's alright, last I heard she was working on a case involving Allie's pop. I wonder how that's been going." CrystalDragon (talk) 19:59, 6 February 2022 (UTC)

"Hehe space kitty!" Cloudberry