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Gale Power Grid Translation
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  • Offense: She can be consistently relied on to hold a bridge, but she actually operates on Superman logic (as strong as the story needs her to be, sometimes stronger, sometimes weaker).
  • Defense: Virtually indestructible (force fields).
  • Combat: Untrained. Becky's specialty is disaster prevention and relief. When pressed into combat, she relies on her invincibility to defuse conflict.
  • Agency: While her powers operate on Silver Age Superman logic, she also has Silver Age Superman's self-imposed limitations (i.e she's a goody-two-shoes). Furthermore, she lacks Superman's wide array of powers (let alone Silver Age Superman's knack to just come up with new powers on the fly).

The Last Flight of the Ironskies

"We're almost there, nothing can go wro-"

Ascendant Archon Rebellato barked so many orders a minute the crew of the CSS Ironskies would think their captain was developing super speed. The starship was on the run from a neighbouring universe where they expected to find a Nictus colony to bolster the ranks of the council's Galaxy troops.

What they found instead, was a trap.

The distress beacon was a lure set by the warmongering collective that drove Kheldians to extinction in that universe. The galaxy-spanning empire named Batallion. The expedition lost every ship but one, but at least Archon Rebellato managed to pry one single thing from the enemy: A nanoculture that would turn the tides of battle, one of the several methods Batallion uses to transhumanize and assimilate species, and the thing that would finally give The Center the incarnate-grade army he needed to bring the world to heel.

Unfortunately for the last ship of the expedition, even if they survived Batallion's assault and pursuit, their ship wouldn't survive re-entry.

Bonus Pay

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"This way!"
Player: @White Nightingale
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Tanker
Security Level: 50
Server: Everlasting
Personal Data
Real Name: Rebecca Skyler
Known Aliases: '
Species: Human
Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 49kgs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student
Place of Birth: Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Base of Operations: Paragon City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Elaine (mother), Roger (father)
Known Powers
Super suit turns her natural EM emmisions (i.e her "aura") into a most versatile force field, imbuing her with super strength, invulnerability, flight (Top speed: MACH 3, but takes her at least one full minute in achieving top speed), laser vision, chilling superbreath, and vacuum survival. If the suit has additional capabilities, they're unknown to Becky (or Vanguard).
Known Abilities
History buff
WARNING: STRANGEREAL-LIKE. Will make use of fictional cities, city-states, and countries when armed conflicts and humanitarian crises are used in-story (CoH already features two anyway). WORK IN PROGRESS. Page started as a stand-in.

Rebecca Skyler was your typical girl next door with no more responsibilities than school, no more ambitions than making it into college to major in metahuman anthropology, and no more worries than summer jobs to make pocket money to enjoy the summer. It was in one such job where the call to adventure found her.

Working at a comic convention and treading the line between receptionist and booth babe on virtue that the costume her employers gave her to work was the same as the convention's back then mascot and that Becky was at least versed enough in comics so the gig went well... at least until the smoldering wreck of the CSS Ironskies crashed on the convention center and right on top of her.

Having leaked out of its container, the captured nanoculture mixed with several other things (from the ship's instruments to the deceased Galaxy and Corr Leonis crew's DNA) on its way to Rebecca, where it bonded partially with her but strangely, mostly with her costume and her wearables.

As good publicity as it would have been for the convention, Vanguard cordoned the site off and all witnesses had to sign NDAs for their own protection. After evaluating no danger for Becky or those around her, Vanguard released her into FBSA custody for registration.... however, since her now "super suit" came from alien tech (Vanguard's jurisdiction), DATA has no access nor permission to try to study the suit and all documents about it are classified even within Vanguard (for some reason, the clearance level for those documents only allow Dark Watcher and the Lady Grey). Finally, Vanguard bought the mascot's rights off the con owners' hands.

Needing someplace else to be while things cool off back home, she's now finishing school in Paragon. She still has her sights in making it to college and majoring in metahuman anthropology like her idol, Doc Delilah. Like Doc Delilah, however, she'll seemingly start her career from an insider's point of view.

The Hero Beat

The bad news is that Becky is not a fighter. The good news is that there's more to superheroes than fighting crime: From putting fires out with ice breath to catching falling airplanes before they crash and crashing tidal waves with flying sonic booms. Every so often she has to put lesser criminals "on time out" and she has no problems doing so. Occasionally, however, she finds actual supervillains in her beat... and she doesn't fare so well those times, but she praises herself in the fact that she manages to keep innocents from dying every time.

As is to be expected, she started mostly as a "friendly neighbourhood Beacon," but her beat started to grow larger each time as she grew more comfortable with her flying speeds. For better or worse, the new "age of gods" that started a decade ago with the Well handing incarnate power like candy in order to pit Primal and Praetorian Earth against each other means Becky is still largely unknown despite the numerous times she's saved the day.

Fortunately for her, the little people she helps have a good memory and she has received help from many in a pinch, starting with the super tailor that helped her finding how much fabric she could add to the supersuit without messing with the powers (the original version was by far more brief).

Too Good for her own good

While Becky didn't originally have any grand designs for the world, she can't turn down a plea for help ever since that supersuit became part of her life.

...and this is probably why Statesman didn't care for social media.

Next thing she knew, she was repairing breaking dams cross-country, breaking tidal waves halfway across the pacific, and helping refugee boats get past Longbow blockades. While some such escapades only impact her school-life balance, others get her in trouble with the powers that be and have gotten her from friendly warnings from Vanguard to "cautionary beatings" from Longbow-adjacent interests.


Bright, bubbly, optimistic, and curious. Becky is willing to make the best out of her situation, which means making things better for as many people as she can. Reliable. Her collected attitude gives her an edge in the kind of high stress situations she gets herself in.


  • Operating from Becky's aura, her powers' performance is affected by her current physical and emotional state... this means she's only invincible until things stop going her way or she catches a cold.
  • She's powerless without the suit. While she can summon it from anywhere, said summon's accuracy is subject to the aforementioned weakness.