Battle King

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Jorge Ronchestel the fourth was born to a royal family that has carried the family tradition for centuries, they are known for creating wars that simply increased their fortune for years, that all changed when young Jorge lost his parents during the First Chechen War during a familiar visitation. Jorge inherit the fortune immediately but due to the tragic loss, he was an orphan and was raised throughout his childhood by his upstanding and ruthless grandfather. Who taught him the values of his family's crest and conduct they carried out within the bloodline. Jorge's national relation often remained hidden but is that of European ancestry.

Throughout his life, he was dedicated to keeping his tradition and successfully doing so, and with what he has amassed, after his graduation from political science, he joined the army and was given two medals of honor. He has managed to strengthen his reputation to above its peak and never allowed his family's traditions in vain, but nevertheless. This all come brought to an end after he decided to follow and start his own philosophical beliefs he would come up with. He began to create his own ideological concepts of the notion that the world is suffering because of varieties of differences of their beliefs and power hunger.

This became the last straw after the discovery of corruption to some politicians carried that he thought were fighting for world peace was merely fighting for themselves. Jorge took this matter into his own hands, he miraculously formed a paramilitary liberation team and under a guise, he would take proudly of the persona as The Battle King. Often has attempted coups and invasions so he could achieve the vision that he wants to achieve through the way he knows how to war. Often posed an international threat for his fearless leadership and masterful tactical knowledge, making him extremely dangerous.

Jorge now as The Battle King, still terrorize in his own image, while many views him as a dictator, he views himself as a hopeful hero to change the world through war and control so he could one day make the world finally at peace with no war, no pain, no threats, no destruction, no corruption, no disaster. He's often managed to create many followers and loyalists and is fearless to death where he welcomes it so he can become a martyr to inspire many to take his place to follow his twisted ideologies, his ambition is often foiled by the likes of All-Star, one day will tell if he will achieve it or not.