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Answering the call for Justice
American Starlet
Player: @American Valor
Origin: Science
Archetype: Scrapper
Security Level: 50+
Server: Everlasting
Personal Data
Real Name: Rebekka Josephine Bravo
Known Aliases: Bekka Jo, JoJo
Species: Meta-Human
Age: 22
Height: 66.5 Inches/ 5'7 1/2 "
Weight: 115 lbs BMI 8% (Actual Weight 153)
Eye Color: Blue-Green
Hair Color: Honey Blonde
Biographical Data
Nationality: Native American mix
Occupation: Superhero / PCU Student
Place of Birth: North Dakota
Base of Operations: Paragon City University
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Bravo Foundation
Known Powers
Supernatural Willpower
Known Abilities
Commando training (Street Justice)
see Gear and Equipment
Current Base of Operations: any PCU campus

FBSA Hero ID Data:

American Starlet


Physical Description : Bekka Jo is 5'7" looks to weigh about 115 lbs but in fact actual weights 153 lbs due to her dense muscular build with 8 % body fat. Her club-cut honey blonde hair and blue eyes with a jade tinge in color enhances her exotic looking features.

Vid -Blog interview with James Duggan:

Sitting on an interview couch answering the morning show host questions.

"Uncle Mike created the Bravo Foundation. At that time he was very young, Basically my age now." Bekka Jo holds up a poster showing in full color 'Bravo Foundation Presents: The Traveling Titans Show of Wonders' The poster is in near mint condition with Both Mike and John Bravo in the center surrounded by the other strongmen and women of the show. "Yep that's My Dad right there. John “Battle’n" Bravo, leader of the circus, Uncle Mike never liked that it was somethin they always fought about. My dad was sometin' else let me tell you." Bekka Jo blushes a bit "Gods gift to women, my dad, Bravo. Momma said, She fell for him hard, And Momma she is a looker, then and now. That's how I came into the picture."

Becca Jo smiles radiantly. "So you see I grew up among circus folks of the meta kind. , Not like those crazy ones yall have here in Paragon. The show kept travelin and Momma took me to set up home in old Detroit. Every now and then Bravo would come home. He had tried his hand at hero work and still did it as did most of the Troupe for a while. This went on for years until I was old enough to be a preformer. Then I was the newest star of the show. The show had expanded by then and there were many different Meta humans around I learned anything and everything they could teach me. But my big day really came from Momma. She had entered me in the Miss Teen Michigan Pageant. I was a show stopper. Won it by a landslide. Heck it would have been impossible for me to lose. I had been a showman and knew how to entertain. The judges loved me." Bekka smile slips off to a soft look. "Momma, she was so proud. Then came the real challenge the next months was spent with me learnin all about pageants and the “lovely” state of Michigan.

Uncle Mike and Dad were thrilled with me winning Miss Teen Michigan, and then when I won Miss Teen USA. OMG!, Me, Bekka Jo Bravo. I couldn't believe it. Then I was cast into the limelight that's when it really started. All the endorsements, commercials and parades. I was invited along with others to tour with the USO to entertain the troops. I was ropp[n and ridin, singin and dancing high kickin martial flipin showgirl. I was dubbed American Starlet, by the press. The interviews and the cover of Teen Beat solidified it. I was American Starlet. My dad, Bravo he and Uncle Mike got me on a new poster introducing me all over again, but now as American Starlet.

I was floored, I traveled with the show, But I'm not nearly as strong as the others or as fast. I'm really just a normal girl. You know the type; the one next door you were afraid to ask out but always wanted to bring home cause that's just what your Momma wanted you to do. In real life the boys didn't call. So I worked hard and studied. I was just accepted into PCU.

"I am a born showgirl and main center ring star. An acrobatic martial flippin high kicking rootin tootin one of a kind, but my passion is film. I just enrolled at PCU where I will be studying Film Media. Now jf yer in trouble call or text I'm here to help clean up your city, one Ka Pow at a time, cause Its Crimefighting Time! Ka-POW!

The screen image holds on a close up of her face while she stands in a combat pose:

"That was Bekka Jo Bravo, the girl next door and new heroine American Starlet."

Turning to face the camera.

"And this was Breakfast Of Champions with your Host Jimmy Duggan! Next Up..."

”’Current Events”’

FBSA Eval Data: American Starlet displays the abilities to withstand tremendous damage is nearly Invulnerable and has a supernaturally strong force of will. She is highly trained in multiple combat fighting styles. She has displayed skill and powers that currently class her as unlimited potential.

American Starlet recently took on the drug trade in Kings Row and Striga going toe to toe with the Lords of Death and the Family. As one of the New Regulators. The team busting up the gangs involvement with the Trolls Superdine drug trade for a while at least. What else would you expect from one of the saviors of Atlas Park. When asked what was next Bekka Jo smailed looking foward to a movie or two.


*Impervium kelvar weave body armor 
*Armored Gauntlets 
*Power Boots 
*Utility Belt 
*SubDermal com unit 
*Mil-spec holodisplay glasses 
*RB4 Red Racer Rocket Board 
*other assorted SOTA gear as needed

”’SuperGroups and Allies”’

Sentinel Of Liberty,  Shining Stars, New Regulators
Patriotic Soldier, American Valor, Twinshot, Grimm, Eagle Eye,

”’Villains and Enemies”’

Lords of Death, Skul's, Hellions, Freakshow, Council, 5th Column, Warriors, Tsso, Marcone Family, Nemesis, Rikiti
Commander Hiest, BoneFire, Leon, Requiem, Archon Burkholder, The Center,  Flambeau

[NPC] Veles: But first I must deal with American Starlet and her New Regulators...

"'RP Hooks"'

I am a slow typer, walk up and tells are okay. In-game LRP during Missions and RP lead/styled TF's

Bekka Jo believes in justice and law as similar in nature but not exclusive of each other.

Bekka Jo is studying film at PCU is a full time student and like going to the movies (SBB, ftw) Plus doing hero work.

Bekka Jo set up a Video Blog with text and contact info so if anyone needs help they could send a message (LFG shouts,PM)

Bekka Jo likes to have fun.