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Superwife. Incoming. :D

Small but powerful.
Player: @Snugglebunny
Personal Data
Real Name: Jo-- M. LeVite
Species: Human
Age: 39
Height: Not Much
Weight: Not A Lot
Eye Color: Teal
Hair Color: Brown
Occupation: Wife, Mom
Place of Birth: Knoxville
Marital Status: Super Married
Known Relatives: Too Many


.♥. A perfect spoiled single child
.♥. Unexpected attractions
.♥. The move
.♥. The Next Move
.♥. Jo Lands in Paragon


.♥. So many boys.
.♥. All the punching
.♥. Peej. And then the Webarney Drama
.♥. Everything Settles
.♥. This is how you have too many kids. No, not that.


.♥. Mom Vibes
.♥. Baked Goods
.♥. Good Luck


.♥. Web
.♥. Family
.♥. Normal people stuff


.♥. At one point, Jo and Web had too many animals. They still have the shark tank, but now they have a lot of kids, instead.
.♥. Jo is addicted to coffee. Seriously. Pregnancy is a struggle.
.♥. There are a very small handful of people who are allowed to use her full name or the more 'cutesie' shortened version of it. You are probably not one.


Big Family

  • Webarney - Web is her dream man. Serious when he needs to be but he makes everything else fun. And he's a good dad.
  • Gunny - While Gunny may not have any of her dna, Jo took to loving and raising him almost immediately. She loves him like he were her own, hard head and all.
  • Delia - Her only girl, Delia is a treasure. She blows everything up, and she's really smart and brave.
  • Sterling - Jo couldn't have asked for a nicer boy than Sterling. You couldn't, either. He is the nicest. Her kids are better than yours.
  • Penny - Jo's Christmas baby. He's the best one of all of them. Gifted to her by Blue Santa, this one will do no wrong.

Also Family

  • Kasun - Jo's proud of how far Kasun has come. Now, he is gentle enough to hug babies. He even has a grandson. It's cute.
  • Will - Jo adores Will. He's smart, and he made the perfect boyfriend for her awkward child. She likes him, a lot. He's a good guy, with good taste in people. His brother is hysterical, too.
  • Rowan - Rowan is one of the only girl friends Jo has. She adores everything about Rowan and how the woman is so strong, pretty and still kicks more ass than most boys.
  • Fen - Fen is a dork and Jo loves him. He used to be her go-to leaning wall, but then he found a girlfriend and they got married and they have a kid now, what?



  • Unsupervised Children - Jo just hates this. What the fuck business do kids have...? Nevermind. GET AN ADULT.